5 Things You Need To Know About MDMA

Among the most popular drugs on the street at the moment is MDMA, also known as Molly or Mandy. If you're one of the individuals who got their hands on this stuff, here are 6 things you need to know about MDMA:

1) It's ecstacy

MDMA is usually in a crystalline powder form, but the chemical composition is the same as an ecstacy tablet. While the powder may contain added poisonous subtances, the tablets are more likely to include harmful adulterents, such as traces of heroin or rat poison. Conversely, sometimes these drugs might be missing a key ingredient, a chemical which prevents the massive overheating which is often the cause of death in unfortunate users.

2) Where it came from

Invented by a respected chemist called Alexander Shulgin, upon discovering it in his research he used it on himself initially as a his “low-calorie Martini” in order to relax. He said it provided him with an easily controllable altered state of consciousness that promoted an emotional and tactile hypersensitivity, with none of the paranoia or hallucinations incumbent in other recreational drugs.

3) It's euphoric


In scientific terms MDMA is a “serotonin-norepinephrine-dopamine releasing agent and reuptake inhibitor”, which in English means that it releases a buttload of happy chemicals in heavy concentrations. It is, simply put, euphoria: an artificial feeling of total well-being and happiness. Users refer to this unique estatic feeling as "rolling", because the levels increase in a snowball effect as the happy neurotransitter concentrations increase in your synapses. It's easy to spot a roller, just check out their hilariously dilated pupils.

4) It's empathogenic

Anyone who has ever taken the drug, such as any member of Vice magazine, can confirm that things can get rather emotional. It promotes feelings of closeness in a group of takers, encouraging feelings of oneness, and compliments are handed out like it's fucking Christmas.

5) The catch

Of course you knew that drugs can feel great, that's why some people take them. Of course they also have major downsides, that's why everybody doesn't take them. You need to be aware there is a doozy of a catch: it burns you out. People often turn to substance like this to ease anxiety and depression, but that's a bad move. You can't abuse your happiness receptors artificially without incurring some damage. You can become dependent on the stimulants to feel any semblence of happiness, which increases your chances of depression and damages your mental health in general. Sooo, yeah, I wouldn't recommend it TBH.

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