9 Cheap Things To Do In Dublin When It Rains (So, Always Really.....)

"Did you feel that?""Feel what?""The rain, it's starting to rain." "Ah no, it's not."

We're used to having that conversation here in our Fair City, 'Where The Girls Are Real Pretty'. So what do you do when it rains and you can't take that trip to the zoo, or you just can't afford a night at the theatre? Much like Johnny, we've got you covered....

1) The Back Page/The Square Ball


These sports bars are perfect for a rainy Autumn day. Under the same ownership, they'll have decent drinks deals, but the real kicker here is the board games and ping-pong tables. Ever played Jenga while you were pissed? Good Jenga is played with alcohol consumed. The Back Page is located in Phibsboro and The Square Ball is in Hogan Place just off Holles Street. There's one for Northside and Southside! Oh, and cheap, beautiful, greasy pizza too.



2)  Light House Cinema, Smithfield


Cheap-ass prices for students, especially at off-peak times before 5 pm. €6! Beautiful interior for when the Odeon bores you and always has some great indie films to watch when you've seen everything else. €6 though...


3) Museums



Dublin has an array of museums that are actually pretty interesting and cheap at the same time. Whether you fancy some dead animal watching in the Natural History Museum or some fine art in the National Gallery. The Little Museum of Dublin is like a Reeling In The Years of Dublin and it costs €3 for students. Three f**king Euro!

4) Shopping


Sure look, if you're into it, you can get lost in the consumer mess that Dublin plays host to. I'm not a big shopper, but I don't mind having a little stroll around Arnotts on a rainy day. If you like annoying pretentious arseholes, wear your shittiest student clothes and try on some designer clobber in Brown Thomas that costs roughly the same as a year in college. Genuinely. Oh and don't forget, the Christmas lights go on in town on November 12th. Ssshhhh...


5) The Science Gallery, Westland Row (Trinity College)


A must for an inquisitive mind. With free admission (we're spoiling you for cheapness), the Science Gallery has different exhibitions every few weeks and there are always workshops and other events to see if you have enough time to spare.

6) St. Michan's Church, Smithfield


There's a lot of cool cheap s**t in Smithfield. This old church has crypts that you can go down into. As in, walk-in graves. And it's free. Freeeeeee!! A good hour or two for history buffs or people who just like looking at morbid stuff. Whatever you're into, pal, there's no judgement here.


7) Kilmainham Gaol, Kilmainham (Obviously)


Another one for those interested in history. Cheaper than chips, €6 for an adult, but they might do a student rate if you ask nicely. You can see where the Brits locked up our Founding Fathers and essentially lost the support of normal Irish people when they started executing them for no apparent reason. Sorry, got a bit sidetracked there...


8) The Leprechaun Museum


Feel like a cast member of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids for a day in the Leprechaun Museum. Great Instagram opportunities here for the price of just €6. V. reasonable, v. fun, v. must do.

9) Guinness Storehouse


Pricier than the rest of the stuff here. A tour of the factory and you're taught how to pull a pint (if  you already don't know how, for shame). You get to drink said pint too, how nice. It's no going to an old man pub and getting a nice pint at a cheaper price, to be honest, but at least it's cheaper than Temple Bar. Anywhere's cheaper than Temple Bar....

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