An Actually Healthy Takeaway?

Food blogs have hit the internet by storm, every Jodie and Foster thinks they're the next Gordon Ramsay. Well so do I, here I present to you the athletes guide to eating a healthy takeaway. The first healthy part is getting off the couch to find the laptop. Once laptop found make sure connected to a power source so you don't have to run and get the charger later. Okay, now you decide on what take away, very important here not to choose with your eyes but to choose keeping conscience of my motto; "#cleanhealthyliving™". Here I'll show you my two top recipes for eating takeaway.

1) Dominoes

Here the best thing to do is opt for the gluten free option but they only do small pizzas and we want large. So I'd usually go for the extremely healthy large SKINNY base Florentine pizza (1520cal) with spinach and tomatoes to make sure I get my greens. The feta cheese may not be great for you but tastes very good so I make sure to order extra feta cheese #YOLO. Now I used to have 5 garlic and herb dips with my pizza but thats not very healthy so I try keep it to 3 dips now (300 cal) #myabswillthankme. Even though Dominoes is primarily a 'pizza place' it's the sides that keep us all coming back for more. Here I go for the #glutenfree option of Garlic Bread (574cal) and the #glutenfree #keepingithealthy option of potato wedges (300cal). I skip dessert, remember this is how to do the healthy takeaway. To wash it down I get DIET coke which has like no calories at all.

Verdict- 2740 calories in a sitting, not bad at all besides the sweaty food coma you'll have later will flush most of those calories out. #keepingitlean

2)Lets Eat In


Lets Eat In unlike Dominoes do not inform us of the calories on their website so we must be extra vigilant. However they make up with this for their variety of choice. Again we must choose with our head and not with our eyes #nopain #nogain. What's great here is their array of salads to suits anyone's taste but do I look like a rabbit? #bulkseason #imnotarabbit. I scroll up and hit the Italian button. I'm like Jamie Oliver in the kitchen right now, all these flavours and all these options leading myself to a cooking orgasm. Here I go for the Pollo Crostina, a breast of chicken sautéed with fresh garlic herb and tomatoes in a creamy garlic butter sauce, topped with herbs, parmesan breadcrumbs and served with spaghetti. #protein#healthyliving. Now I skipped a starter this time around so technically that means I've space for desert, my main has only set me back 1000 cals so I've space for another 1000 in desert if I want to get to my daily recommended amount. Lets Eat In have just the 'desert of the week' and at €2.95 thats a steal so I'll order three. Of course keeping it #healthyliving, I opt for the DIET coke. #guiltfree

Verdict- about 1600 calories which is lower than the daily recommend amount- aka a #veryhealthyoption #nutrition #mindoverbody


Reminder- Of course no takeaway is complete without a customary snapchat/instagram. Having followed my tips to eating takeaway the healthy way we can discard the #cheatday #guilty #YOLO tags and replace them with our new tags: #cleanandhealthyliving #veganfree #glutenfree #guiltfree

DISCLAIMER- This will not in anyway make you healthy, quite the opposite in fact…...

Andrew O'Reilly

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