Bad Neighbours Film Review

The story lies around two houses side by side with two very different sets of residents. Bad Neighbours pits family man Seth Rogen against a fraternity lead by the very pretty Zac Efron. Think Project X meets Old School.

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne star as Mac and Kelly, new parents who go to war against the college fraternity that have moved in next door. The frat pack leader, Teddy (Efron) is a sweet-natured hunk who doesn’t want to keep the couple’s baby awake, but can’t pass up an opportunity to party. Rogan and Byrne have great chemistry and portray a believable depiction of two thirty somethings that just want to protect their baba. Efron is charming, fun, handsome and plays the guy at the party who you either want to be friends with or sleep with.

There are some laugh out loud scenes that are genuinely very well done. Rogan gets propelled from his office chair by an air bag that was planted by the frat boys, Efron and Rogan have a very convincing Dildo fight, and the scenes where Byrne 'lets her hair down' are highly entertaining to say the least. The pranks in this movie are original and hilarious so if you're looking for new comedy, you won't be disappointed.

The film is directed by comedy legend, Nicholas Stoller, that won us over with such gems as 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and 'Get Him To The Greek' and it has all the ingredients of being the Summer comedy of the year


Big thumbs up from College Times

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