Barbie Has Gotten A Body Positive Makeover And We F*cking Love It

Barbie has been the go-to doll of choice for little girls all over the world for years. I think we all remember playing with our barbie dolls when we were little, not thinking anything of their identical, completely unrealistic body types. It wasn't until we got older that we realised that barbie dolls weren't an accurate representation of how women actually look and that the doll itself was actually perpetuating an unhealthy body stereotype for little girls that just wasn't okay.


Well today Barbie have changed that. Mattel, the company that manufacture Barbie, have debuted three new shapes that you can buy your barbie in; petite, curvy and tall.

That means that there are now four body types to choose from, along with seven skin tones and 22 eye colors.


According to Time Magazine, Mattel have made this change so their dolls "more closely reflect their young owners' world." This is a huge step towards creating a more body positive image for young girls as they now have the opportunity to play with dolls that actually look like themselves and their mums and sisters. Rather than perpetuating a negative, unachievable stereotype of what a woman should look like, Barbie are now showing girls that they are perfect just as they are.




Isabelle Riggins

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