Life Interviews: Raglans

Hi guys it's a pleasure to meet you, hope you're all doing well...

So guys biggest headline show to date in the Academy coming up! Nervous much?

More excited than nervous. Our headline shows in Dublin are always crazy so we’re really looking forward to this one because its our biggest yet. We’ve got a whole show planned, pulling out all the stops and everything so there’ll be a few surprises. We’re jonesing for people to hear our album too so we’re all pretty excited… and maybe a litle nervous.

What was working with Jay Reynols like? Did you feel pressure to produced work as good as the artists he's worked with in the past ike Elton John, The Verve and Pulp?

There wasn’t really any pressure working with Jay. He’s a super chilled guy and we had everything prepared as much as we could. We’ve been playing some of these songs for a couple years now, rouad testing them so we knew what we wanted and he was able to bring it all together. It was recorded in his studio in London so it was an awesome expreince.

What’s Raglans approach to song writing?

There’s no set approach really. If someone brings an idea an we’re all feeling it, we’ll just get working on it. A tune’s a tune no matter where it comes from so we just bring all the ideas into one room and try figure them out.


So Dermot O'Leary has been showering you with praise for a while now...what was the reaction to such a high profile DJ like in the camp?

We were delighted! We've had a great reaction from the UK and BBC Radio. We’re really looking forward to heading back over to the UK in April and keep whoring ourselves around (musically).

How was it plying your trade supporting two recently successful international acts in Haim and The Courteeners? Learn any good pointers from them?

It was awesome. We've been lucky enough to play with some amazing bands. As for pointers? Probably don’t waste your rider. A lot of bands don’t finished their food or drink and it’s just left in the dressing room when they leave. That’s where we come in; waste not, want not.

You guys are currently undertaking a tour of the UK with The Strypes. They've have had a lot of exposure at such a young age, did you guys feel that you would have to become almost the big brothers to the boys?


The Strypes tour was a blast. The gigs were all pretty much sold out and the venues and crowds were amazing. Really receptive to us too which was great. We’ve known the lads for years and we could always see that something was gonna happen for them. They’re a great band with raw talent so we’re delighted to see them doing so well. They’re great dudes.

What's been your favourite Raglans gig to date?

There’s been a few favourites. Any of our Dublin headline shows have been amazing. The crowds are insane and there’s always been a healthy dose of carnage at them. Then on the other side of thing we played Electric Picnic for the First time last year and that was insane. We were the first band on the second biggest stage on Saturday morning and by the time we kicking into our third song the tent was nearly full. We were blown away! Also we played Sheppards Bush Empire with The Strypes a couple weeks ago so that was  pretty amazing. Its such an iconic venue so being in it and being part of it was a trip.

So after the Academy show and the UK tour what's the plan? Can we expect to see the Raglans on the festival circuit this summer?

Most definitely! We love festival season. We’re gonna be playing pretty much all of them so you can expect to see our faces or hear our tunes at some point. We can’t name any names yet but check our Facebook, Twitter, etc, and we’ll be announcing some tasty gossip soon!


Here's a chance for a shameless plug to all the Collegetimes readers...what have you got to say for yourselves?? :)

Check out our tunes! We’ve got some cool videos and stuff on YouTube so if you like what you hear/see grab our début album that’s out March 21st and come to The Academy on March 29th. You won’t regret it!

Raglans play The Academy Sat 29 Mar 2014 at 19:30 and you can pick up tickets here for €12.50

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