12 Truly Individual Style Icons You Should Be Following

So when you need fashion inspiration, you look to Bey to be sexy, Katy Perry to be fun, Lady Gaga to be eccentric, and Miley Cyrus to be a badass right? But that set gets old. If you're looking for fresh fashion inspiration from around the world, these women are incredible and their style blogs and Instagram accounts will make you open a new tab and start shopping right now.

1. The Supermodel: Kate Moss

Moss is an English supermodel, on TIME's most influential people list because of her presence in the fashion industry.




2. The Badass: Amber Rose

Rose was spotted by Kanye West, who she then dated briefly, and he launched her modeling career. She has since attempted singing and acting as well.


3. The Polished Woman: Miroslava Duma

Duma is a fashion entrepreneur, working on fashion journals and ad campaigns with names as big as Louis Vuitton and Vogue. Though not a model, she's noted frequently for her glamorous sense of style.



4. The Indie Gal: Joanna Newsom

Newsom is a harpist and that's nearly all you need to know. She's a big presence for indie and folk music, and she's married to Andy Samburg who doesn't dress half bad himself.



5. The Picture Of Elegance: Fan Bingbing

Bingbing is a Chinese actress and pop singer. After attendances to claim award shows where she was spotted for looking stunning, she started receiving international fashion show invitations and is now a major fashion icon.



6. The Career Woman: Candice Lake

Lake is Australian but works as a photographer and designer in London. She's also worked as a model and is a style editor for Vogue in the UK.


 7. The Tomboy: Jayne Min


Min is an L.A.-based style blogger who describes her own style as tomboy chic. She emphasizes the importance of knowing yourself and what you like, but also pushing yourself to experiment and be daring with your outfit choices.



8. The Schoolgirl: Kara Hayward

The youngest on this list, Hayward is only 17. She's an American actress but should be noted for her conservative, schoolgirl-esque style that's classy rather than, say, Britney Spears in pigtails.



9. The Hippie: Florence Welch

You know Welch as the lead vocalist in Florence + The Machine. Not only is her voice incredible, she brings you back to the 60's with her style. Perfect for anyone who knows they were meant to be at Woodstock.



10. The City Streets Stylist: Diane Kruger

Kruger may be a German model and actress, but her style would look impeccable on New York City streets. She has the perfect mix of practical, unique day looks and glam looks for evening.



11. The Sexy Woman: Cassie

Cassie is an American recording artist whose style is noted as being edgy yet sophisticated. She's worked with Akon, Diddy, and Lil Wayne to name a few, and she dresses to slay the bad boys.



12. The Minimalist: Lykke Li

Li describes herself as anti-fashion and if you see her, more times than not she will be wearing black. She's a Swedish singer and model.



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