Your Daily Life Reactions In Gifs

Life's reactions can be summed up with these....

Sitting down and remembering you forgot your drink:

Trying to sleep in summer with the covers on:

When you're not in on a private joke:



When you haven’t eaten in two hours:

Checking your account balance:

Trying to look professional for a job interview:


When someone pays you a compliment:

When your roommate walks in and you thought you were alone:

When a couple gets engaged after cheating on each other:


When someone corrects your pronunciation of a word:

Mom: “That’s not how we did things when I was your age:”

Trying to learn a new hobby:


When you’re almost dead in a game, but somehow manage to survive to the next level:

Thinking about when you were attracted to your ex:

That one friend who says they can’t draw, but then they’re all like:


Getting dressed for a party and your friends pick you up in a tracksuit:

When you see a friend trying to take a selfie:

Thinking about a snack you saved, but then remembering you already ate it:


Missing a handshake:

When you invite a friend and they say they’ll ‘try’ to make it:

Getting caught staring at a nice bum:


Thinking about the name of your first email address:

Seeing yourself in the mirror when you’re hungover:

Getting all dressed up and then finding out your plans are cancelled:


When your computer insists it has urgent updates:

Your face when your friend says, “I can only bring one friend. Wanna go?”

When everyone else has their food and your friend still hasn't got theirs:


When restaurants make you pay extra for sauces:

Checking the tracking on your package and it still hasn’t moved:

Making a spelling error online and the rest of the Internet replies like:

At a party when you see people playing X Box:

Jeff Wysaski

Sarah Power
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