Why Every Twenty-Something Should Go To A Gay Club At Least Once

Who here has been looking in all of the wrong places for a fun night out? Me, apparently. I have spent my formative years searching in all the wrong places for a good time on a Saturday night, overlooking the one place where the magic really happens. I first went to one with my gay roommate and was a bit nervous that everyone would be like "get out, you don't belong here." But, that was definitely not the case.


In fact, my roommate and I came to this conclusion the other day when we realised that hey, yeah, we’ve actually had infinitely more fun at our local gay club than basically anywhere else. I’m just saying, they’re more fun, more accepting, and generally more fabulous. And if you generally avoid gay clubs, you need to know what you’re missing out on. Here are 7 reasons to go to a gay club at least once in your twenties.

1. Acceptance.


Gay clubs are so much more accepting than regular clubs. You can march into the club in basically anything and not feel self conscious, in fact you feel like a Queen. You wanna work those tight leather leggings? (The ones that you've had for years but don't have the confidence to wear on a regular basis.) You won't get any judgement, only lots of shouts from people such as "slaaaaay girl slaaaay," and "yeah baby work that skirt, Sandy from Grease is that you?" (You're going to get so many compliments that your head will most likely explode before you leave.)


2. Dance Like Nobody's Watching (cause nobody is.)


Everyone is too into their own moves. Usually out on the dance floor, no matter how drunk you are, you restrain from completely letting yourself go because you don't want the sweat dripping down your face to repulse anyone. But in this club, everyone is grooving so hard that you can't help yourself. No one cares that you look like a swamp monster. As long as you're having a good time, you let off an aura of effervescence, and that's hawt.

3. The Music.



The music, full stop. There's no other place that plays all of your guilty pleasures on a loop. In other clubs the cool music is being played and you dance to it. But in a gay club there are no restraints. Lady Gaga, old school Britney, those Nicki Minaj raps that you're usually embarrassed you know, Katy Perry, Natasha Beddingfield, basically anything that will make you go "OHMYGODILOVETHISSONG." You'll be the most popular girl in school if you know all the words to "Lets Have A Kiki."

4. Fashion Freedom.


I know, black is the new black. Anything even a little bit over the top these days usually leads to a "what are you all dressed up for?" question. But throw that assumption away when you go to a gay club. A little black dress has no place there. You've got to think more Madonna in the '80s. We're talking lace and visible bras and whatever you think you can pull out of the back of your black-garment stuffed wardrobe. Go wild, you're free now sweet child.


5. No Creepers.


I know this may sound like "oh I'm a girl, my life is so hard because boys talk to me in clubs." That's not how I mean it. It's just nice to be in a place where you can let your freak flag fly and not have to worry about getting stuck in the usual "so what course do you do?" conversation with random lads in the smoking area. Your role in the club is to be a wing-woman for your mate, and you're great at it. No need to keep a look out for creepers here.

6.  The Entertainment.



There is nothing like dancing in the club and suddenly some fabulous drag queens are right by your side, looking more like Beyonce than you would ever hope to look. Sometimes they're on stage, other times they're out in the crowd with you, standing in for your selfies and slut-dropping with you to your hearts content. Sometimes you'll meet them in the bathrooms and they'll share their powder with you when you've sweated all of your makeup off, the sign of a truly incredible human being.

7. The Overall Experience.


Sometimes you just get sick of going to the same nightclubs week after week. Hearing the same type of music every time you go into one. Seeing the saaaame people there every time. A gay club is so much fun, and so different to what you're used to. People are so friendly and you won't be shunned for not being a part of their community, so don't worry. Go and get the experience! Experience all of the things. That's what your twenties are for, right?

Áine O'Donnell

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