The Absolutely Horrific Clothes Every Girl Owned In The Early Noughties

The Absolutely Horrific Clothes Every Girl Owned In The Early Noughties

The early noughties took a lot from its '90s sister. Encouraging the trend of giant tacky labels, the early noughties saw the rise of fashion icons Paris and Nicole, Justin Timberlake and Irish supergroup Six.

Unsure of what was the most fashion-forward approach was post-millennium, the noughties decided to give us a distinctive mish-mash of comfort and uncomfortable fabrics.

A bizarre mix of patterns and materials, here's what the inside of your wardrobe looked like in the early noughties:

1) Bandanas:

Not even Christina Aguilera could pull off this gangsta lewk.

2) Butterfly hair clips:

Who doesn't love cold shiny hard plastic getting tangled in their hair?


3) Abercrombie Hoodie:

Comfort was a huge part of the early noughties and owning an Abercrombie hoodie was an expensive part of that comfort.

4) Platform Shoes:

And you wonder why you've bad posture?


5) Rubberbands:

We still don't know what each colour of these rubberbands stood for but every single one of us had them.

6) Canterbury Bottoms:

If you've never worn Canterbury's, you've never experienced real comfort.


7) A Juicy Couture Tracksuit:

Again, a comfort essential. Even if it made your bottom look like a sack of potatoes.

8) Thongs:

Burn them all.


9) Snap Clips:

Cute if you're seven and starring in the remake of Annie.

10) Uggs:

Posture isn't necessary - warm feet with a chance of mould are.


11) Trucker Hats:

Every celebrity from A to Z owned one of these expensive pieces. This looked good on nobody, not even Kevin Federline.

12) Dresses Over Jeans:

Triggered yet?

Do you still wear or have any of these noughties travesties lurking at the back of your wardrobe?

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