How To Know When It's Time To Delete Them On Facebook

So, this guy or girl you have been friends with on Facebook for quite some time has been irritating you so much recently. You are considering deleting them on Facebook but something is holding you back. Maybe it is the fear of looking like an ass? Maybe it is the fear of them calling you up on it? You have no time for unnecessary drama during exam season, so, think this through. There are signs that will tell you this is the right thing to do. Fear not, we have conjured up a list for you on How To Know It Is Time To Delete Them On Facebook.

1) You cringe at their statuses

Their statuses drive you up the wall. Couple selfie here, quote about their family there. You feel nauseous at times and you don't like it.

2) You visit their profile more than your friend's pages

Yes, they annoy you. Yes, you find them irritating but you just can't look away. Roll on a month in the future and you find yourself talking to this individual on a night out and letting it slip that you have stalker tendencies. This is not a good luck for you.


3) They are your ex and flaunting their new romance

If you have broken up with someone recently and they are all over your newsfeed with their new man/woman - it may be time to delete. If deleting them on Facebook means you look petty simply remove them from your newsfeed. No one will know and you won't have to see them all over someone else.

4) They constantly post YouTube videos

There is nothing wrong with a bit of Spotify or the odd Youtube video. But, to constantly post them night and day to prove to others on Facebook that they like house music. We get it, you're a cool alt individual.


5) They photoshop their photos and it's obvious

That girl, or maybe guy, that photoshops their photos and you can see the blurry tiles in the background, may be in line for a delete. Again, a less harsh way may be to remove them. It's up to you.

6) They share too many things

GUILTY. If it's not a dog photo, it's a CT article. Please don't delete me. If you are that annoyed just remove me from the newsfeed. I'll stop...eventually.


7) Selfie Central

Do they upload 10 or 1,000 selfies a day? Do you cringe while scrolling past their pout? This isn't a crime, it just depends how annoying you find it.

8) They constantly talk to you on chat

If they constantly talk to you on chat and you just aren't that close - DELETE.


9) If you think they are a catfish

If they are absolutely stunning, have mutual friends with you but no one has ever met them. Cut your losses. He or she is a catfish.

10) Your friend went on an adding spree

If your friend added everyone with the same name as you on your Facebook when they were fraping you, you made need to do a clean sweep. If they sent them a mail saying "Want to have a Lauren party?" - It is time to block.


11) They are a fake hipster

They want to show you their new hipster way of life. Black lipstick here, black braces there. They are not letting anyone be unaware of their new found glory. They are going to hipster locations and being alt as f*ck. Deleting may be in order.

12) Drug mode

This Facebook friend of yours wants the whole world to know that they do drugs. You will find they never untag photos of themselves when they are blatantly on substances. They think they are so bloody cool and want you all to know that.

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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