How To Survive The Summer When You're Ginger

First off, note that I'm a 'Ginger.' Also note that these problems can apply year-round, so yeah... good to know I feel!


1. Sunburn.

Its a proper pain in the epidermis. Some gingers can be so bad, I've heard rumours of actual' 'Moonburn'... While that last point is made up, you get what I'm saying...

2. When Will My Freckles Ever Just Join Up Or Something?!


...And I can have some semblance of a healthy colour that isn't milk-white?! Goal: To become A freckle.

(note: use sunscreen obv's, but you're like, older now... You should know what to do 'Ed Sheeran', or whatever your name is!)

3. I Swear, My Friends Just Hang Out With Me So They Can Look Darker In Photos...

Lucky melanin-mutha'fucka's! Why can't I get gorgeous deep skin-tone like that? Damn genetics...(sad face emoji)




4. When My Friends Make Me Feel Stupid When I Try To 'OWN' The Word 'Ginger.'


Like how African-American rappers did in the late 80's with the horribly evil term derived from the just as offensive word: 'Negroid.' ...

"Oh, you can't say that to me, that's racist" is usually followed up by, "Shut the fuck up Fanta Balls!"


5. When The Shop's Electronic Door Is Slow To Open When I Walk Up To It, And My Friends Accuse Me Of Having No Soul...

I have all the soul, you dick.



6. "Oh, You Look Like _____ (Insert Famous Ginger's Name Here)!"

No, I don't look like them, because... I... I actually am them, funnily enough?! (This has never worked or brought me any luck with the girls... But to be fair, I only really try it with a shitty 'Royal' accent when someone says I look like Prince Harry)




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Credit: BuzzfeedYellow

Stephen Brennan

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