NUI Galway Has Been Named Ireland's Best University For 2018

NUI Galway Has Been Named Ireland's Best University For 2018

NUI Galway has been declared, in the words of Tina Turner, simply the best (university in Ireland), better than all the rest (of the other third level institutions eligible to contest this accolade), by The Sunday Times University Guide. Ms. Turner then goes on to say 'You're walking away with my heart and soul', by that point the song no longer bears relevance to either NUIG or The Sunday Times University Guide, but that is certainly no fault of any party involved, as I think no one in their right minds would argue that Tina's muse for composing the song was an annual set of university rankings released by an Irish Sunday paper.

There were 21 other third level institutions in Ireland eligible, however they all floundered in the wake of NUIG as it strode magisterially toward victory, and should consequently all be ashamed of themselves and theirĀ  shortcomings. It is the third time the university has won the award, taking home the inaugural prize in 2002 before dusting off the mantelpiece once more in 2009 and sticking up a hearty two fingers to local rivals GMIT in the process.

The accolade is awarded based on a number of factors including graduate employment rates and course completion rates. 88% of students follow through with their courses to completion while only 3% of those who do so can expect to be unemployed in the immediate aftermath of entering the real world, post-degree.

The President of NUIG, Dr Jim Browne said of the victory and what differentiates NUIG; "We try to orient our programmes to support the ambition of our students and the needs of our economy in the longer term".


The full list of rankings will be released in The Sunday Times tomorrow.


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Rory McNab

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