The Royals Are Looking For A Specific Graduate To Come And Work For Them

The Royals Are Looking For A Specific Graduate To Come And Work For Them

When you're on the hunt for employment, we bet you don't google 'jobs with the Royal family.'

Any media graduates out there? Just a heads up, your ship has just come in and it's ready to take you to Buckingham palace.

This isn't some bad wind up by the way - the Royals are looking for a media graduate to join their communications team.


And the role itself? It's entry-level and requires an enthusiastic and well organised person who has a good news sense and is knowledgable of current affairs.

The successful candidate will be responsible for duties such as organising events, updating social media, press announcements and writing copy, to name but a few. Salary starts are £22,000 which is just under €25,000.


The job application reads:

You'll assist senior colleagues with both proactive and reactive communications. You'll organise coverage of set-piece Palace engagements including investitures and garden parties, and provide support as required for off-site engagements.

You'll also play a role in producing content for a variety of platforms. From press announcements and media briefing notes, to social media updates and feature articles; you'll develop your skills as you take on each new challenge.

Closing date for applications is Wednesday, January 24th so GET YOUR SKATES ON if you're interested.

Only snag is, you'll have to relocate to Buckingham palace and occasionally travel in the UK and abroad to support royal engagements (inconvenient much?) but the job offers 33 days off per annum as part of its package. Phew, we were on the fence up until we heard this.

No we weren't, they had us at 'Communications Assistant' wanted.

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