The Latest RTÉ Viral Celeb: What's He Really Growing?

For those of you who didn't sit down to watch the six o'clock news last night, which if we're honest was probably pretty much all of you, you missed out on the latest RTÉ celebrity in the making.


RTÉ wanted to get some opinions from the good, honest, hard working farmers about the recent IFA (Irish Farmers Association) scandal. The scandal is over a recent outcry for President of the IFA; Eddie Downey, to step down due to a controversy over pay. (So exciting, I know.)


RTÉ headed to Carlow to get some opinions and thoughts on the matter and one lucky chap interviewed made the final cut. A lovely farmer who was happy to share his thoughts on the matter sadly won't be remembered for his opinions but instead for his hat:

Whether the entire of RTÉ didn't get what type of plant that was, or they thought it'd be great to stick in for a laugh, no one can say for sure. Either way, it went down a treat and twitter exploded with excitement, laughter and joy at the sight of it.


Maybe he borrowed his grandkids hat without knowing what it meant. Maybe he found a way to keep afloat during the recession and never gave up his new business endeavour. Maybe he supports the drug reform being introduced into Ireland next year. Maybe he just likes to 4:20 blaze it, dogg.


Either way, he's been welcomed as our latest RTÉ viral celebrity. Our great national broadcasting authority has provided us with plenty of important services and excellent shows over the years, but most important of all they have helped crown kings of the viral universe. Here's hoping this proud farmer can join the ranks of the great and never forgotten Irish people that RTÉ have made famous over the years. After all who could forget falling ice guy:

this smooth mofo:

And of course, the great clock enthusiast JohnJoe:

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