Lidl Are Selling Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Lidl Are Selling Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Have you ever looked at either a dog or a pumpkin and thought, "But why are these two things not more visually reminiscent of one another? Why must there be such an aesthetically evident gulf between what is dog and what is pumpkin? If only there were some kind of reasonably-priced fabric cowl which would allow me to somewhat bridge this divide?" If so, Lidl are here to attend to your quite unnerving requests.

They are selling a range of Halloween costumes for dogs priced at €5.99. Are you tired of your dog not exhibiting the evident discomfort that most animals display when forced to wear clothes? Well then why not clothe your dog in the guise of a pumpkin, or a ghost.

There also remains the all too real possibility that, should you dress your own dog as a ghost, then some confused neighbour on your street, may - upon catching sight of what seems to be the ghost of a labrador - presume that they are being haunted by a deceased pet they themselves once owned. Depending on how much you like your neighbours, this is a situation you may either want to bring about or to avoid.

The costumes are available in S-XL sizes and can be viewed on their website.


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