Maynooth University To Roll Out 'Emojis As A Foreign Language' Degree

Maynooth University To Roll Out 'Emojis As A Foreign Language' Degree

In keeping with the massive technological advances that have occurred over the past few years Maynooth University is staying ahead of the curve with the news it is set to unveil Ireland's first dedicated emoji degree course.

The course is to be taught by certified Emoji translator Keith Broni and will take four years to complete. Some of the modules contained in the course include aubergine and peach workshops, 'How to mask your feelings via emojis' and 'Which monkey emoji is right for you?'.

Potential students have been clamouring to apply to the course through the CAO and Broni has had to introduce an alternate approach to applying to the Honours course. Applicants have been asked to explain why they deserve a place on the course in ten emojis or less.

College Times got talking to Fiona Kelly, a sixth year student who is desperate to snag a much coveted place on the course. She had this to say:


We took Kelly's concern about the course to Mr. Broni who assured us that the application process was indeed fair, and that the college would be doing everything in it's powers to make sure that each applicant will be evaluated objectively:

N:B: While this article is (hopefully) obviously satirical, Keith Broni is in fact an emoji translator, check out his appearance on TV3's The Six O'Clock Show below:

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