Mojo Gogo. The Academy. This Saturday 5th April

College Times Colin O'Dwyer recently caught up with Donegal and Derry natives Mojo Gogo ahead of their rescheduled Academt gig and action packed summer...

Hi guys it's a pleasure to meet you, hope you're all doing , your recently postponed Academy show is coming up on the 5th April...are you looking forward to it?

We can’t wait for the gig on April 5th. We’re going to tear the place apart.

What’s the Mojo Gogo approach to song writing?

Our approach to songwriting is very natural. Basically every member has their own input and eventually a song is born.

Well known music journo Edwin McFee has been quoted as saying your live sound is as solid as Godzillas sofa. Godzilla is quite a beast! Is obtaining a live sound that matches that of the record important to you all?

Absolutley, What we do in the studio is no different to what we do live. It’s raw, thrashy and energetic. We really try to capture the live feel when we are in studio.


I’ve recorded myself in Grouse Lodge in the past and found the seclusion to be extremely rewarding when it comes to the song writing and recording. Any similar experiences for you guys or how was it down there?

To be honest, we do all our writing before hitting the studio and have everything already worked out. We basically just get in there, hammer out the songs and get out. Being fully independent we don’t have the money nor time to stay around studios for too long.

How exactly did the Dutch take to Mojo Gogo last October on your tour there?. I have a few Dutch musician friends and from meeting and jamming with them and getting to know their tastes it seems like you guys would be a good fit for music goers in Holland.

They seemed to love the band when we were on tour there. Its just a great country filled with music lovers, its fantastic.


So you guys are joining the like of The Minutes, The Dandy Warhols and Hudson Taylor at the Sea Sessions in Bundoran . Looking forward to it?

Absolutely, We are huge fans of what The Minutes do so its great to be on the bill with them at such a great festival.

What's been your favourite Mojo Gogo gig to date?

Its so hard to pin point one gig, our recent show at Whelans was pretty Insane (Crowd Surfing and Pint Smashing) It was bloody and raw. Just how we like it.

So after the Academy show what's the plan so all of our readers can know? Can we expect to see Mojo Gogo on the festival circuit this summer?

Thats exactly it.. We are headlining some festivals in Germany, On tour in the Netherlands in June and are on tour in Canary Islands in July aswell as the Irish festival circuit. We are also running our very own festival ARANMOJO FESTIVAL on Arranmore Island, Co.Donegal on August 16th-17th so thats going to be insane.

And finally here's a chance for a shameless plug to all the College Times readers...what have you got to say for yourselves?? :)

You know what, I could talk all day but All I’m going to say is “Get down to The Academy 2 on Saturday and then you’ll know what we’re all about”

Mojo Gogo play The Academy 2, Dublin this Saturday 5th April 2014 with support from All The Luck In The World Tickets €11 on sale now from 

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