Money, So Much Money: Mistakes We Made When First Going Out

Turning 18 and finally being the legal age to buy alcohol is a huge milestone on our young lives, but with that comes a lot of funny and interesting mistakes we made at that age! Here are a few of them:

1) Thinking you'll automatically get in everywhere just because you're finally legal.

Unfortunately now we get the bouncer's excuse of STILL being too young (clubs are a love/hate relationship) and being too drunk (do they not know we're students and cannot afford the drinks inside the club?)

2) Spending waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much money.



When you started going out you went overboard on new outfits, taxis and a few cocktails beforehand. At this stage, a night out consists of whatever outfit you don't have any pictures on Facebook wearing, trying to get a free rickshaw from those weird men on Grafton Street and trying elaborate ways to sneak a naggin of vodka into the club!

3) Discovering that the person you kissed isn't as good looking as you thought.


You learn that the person you spent the night kissing isn't as good looking as you originally thought, when you Facebook stalk him the next day. You decline the request and swiftly try move on with your life.


4) No night out is complete without the banter in the take away afterwards.

Making best friends with other people in your college is essential to cheapen the taxi fare home.

5) Realising you're a complete lightweight, but not letting that stop you.



Realising you're a complete lightweight, but powering through the night in order to keep up with your friends and save face. It's such a terrible mistake, but we were young and drunk at the time.

6) Losing your prized possessions in a drunken stupor.


Finally now you understand that the best possible outcome from a night out is you return home with your phone, purse and preferably no hangover the next day ... although that is rarely the case!


jodie Brady

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