Freshly Shaved Legs and Matching Eyebrows: The Satisfaction Only Girls Understand

Being a girl is SO difficult sometimes. Although, it does have it's little perks. Like never having to open a door for yourself in the presence of men. There are some perks however, that ONLY girls will understand. So here's the best 23 perks that every girl will understand.

1. Taking your bra off after a long, hard day.


Seriously, the relief is undeniable. No more pointy metal wires sticking into your armpit while you try to look normal, no more crumbs falling into your boobs.

2. When your period FINALLY ends.



I can finally have sex again! Also I can stop randomly crying on the bus on the way home.

3. When your makeup/hair is on point.


Except that you still can't take a selfie. FML.

4. Not being pregnant!



ALWAYS a bonus!

5. Having boobs that multitask.


There's just so much your boobs/bra can hold - pens, paper, coins, keys, my phone. When you're sitting down and you can rest a cup on them. The possibilities are endless!

6. Have no clothes? Being able to steal guys clothes, no questions asked.


Cold? No problem, just steal your boyfriend's hoody. Or your older brother's. It's warm, it smells good and you can slap people with the sleeves that are too long.

7. Having matching eyebrows.


There is one fact every girl will have to face at some point in her lifetime; There is no greater evil than the beautician that does not know the meaning of symmetry.

8. The feel of just-shaved legs.


Mmmmmm. Now to rub them all over bae. LOOK HOW SMOOTH MY LEGS ARE!!!!

9. The feel of cotton balls between your toes.


When you're painting your toenails. Mmmmm Hmmmmm....

10. Wearing a matching bra and underwear set.


It's almost as if the UNIVERSE does your laundry just so that it never happens that you've a clean set of both at one time. *sad face*

11. When your crush texts you first.



Guys might enjoy this, but there's a whole process that follows this for girls: Squealing. Calling your best friend. Texting back. Calling your best friend again - Did I text the right thing???

12. Seeing someone you hate years later and noticing that they got really fat.


Let me introduce you to a simple, yet universally known fact: Girls are bitches. And they're also incredibly shallow. Just this one little detail can change our whole day for the better.

13. When you see your ex and you look fantastic.



And you just feel like screaming "Look what you missed out on, asswipe". Only you don't, cause you're a lady. *Wink*

14. Natural looking tan.


This is practically cause for celebration. The only way it could be better is if it wouldn't half wash off in the shower. And if you didn't smell like curry.

15. Drunk pics that turn out great.


Waking up the next day and remembering with cold horror the pictures that were taken last night, and most definitely shared on every social media in existence. Until you realise that no, you don't actually look completely shit faced (even though you were). Woo!

16. When your ex's new girlfriend is ugly.


Again, women, what can I say? We're incredibly shallow. The best I can say is that it's the small things in life that give us pleasure.

17. When something you've been eyeing up goes on sale.


We probably don't even want it that much. Chances are, those on sale jeans are probably going straight into the wardrobe, never to be seen again. But they're on sale and theoretically they would look great on me, so I've GOT to buy them. God, we love sales.

18. Your Penney's outfit is on point.


There's no better feeling that when someone compliments you on your outfit that cost less than 20 quid.

19. Fitting into old jeans that were once too tight.


I lost weight! And I'm SURE that this has nothing to do with the stomach bug I gave myself from eating 3 types of takeout in one night. Oops..? (Still worth it.)

20. When you buy gym clothes to watch TV in.



Okay SUUURREE they were meant to be worn to the gym. But you're super tired and they're so very comfy.

21. The "I told you so!!" feeling.


When you TOLD your best friend that her boyfriend was an arsehole and she didn't believe you and now he's been caught cheating and you TOLD her so. But of course you'd never tell her that, because you're a good friend. *cough* But you DID tell her so.

22. Getting your hair done.


Coming out of the hair salon smelling amazing, you're convinced that your hair is the softest thing to ever have existed. Running your hands through it, feeling it blow in the wind...

23. When you see your shopping haul.


You're exhausted, your back hurts, your feet have blisters, and all you want to do is go to bed. But first: You must perform the ritual of every female that has just gone shopping - relive the entire experience by going through all of the clothes and remembering how cute you're gonna look.

Amanda Roche
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Amanda is 18 years old, gay, and has two loves; Pizza and chocolate. Overcome with wanderlust, this daydream believer spends her days writing and planning her next adventure around the world.

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