Hundreds Of Burger Restaurants Are Giving 2-For-1s Today

Hundreds Of Burger Restaurants Are Giving 2-For-1s Today

If your love of large slabs of hot beef nestled between some bread is second only to your love of being thrifty, then today, National Burger Day, is the day for you.

The origins of this much feted day are shrouded in mystery. Some say it is a modern appropriation of an ancient Celtic fertility festival, where several large oxen would be imprisoned in a large breeding pen made entirely of coarse bread; others say that it emerged as a means of culling the explosion in the population of cattle due to the success of this ancient fertility festival; most however contend that it is a recent ploy by marketing companies to drive burger sales. Whatever your take on this, the end result is vast quantities of pulped beef are being sold at heavily discounted rates - an arrangement I think we can all say we're happy with.*

There are over 500 restaurants throughout the country participating today and it would frankly be a colossal waste of all of our time were I to list them all here. Instead, I shall provide you with a link to the National Burger Day website so that you may peruse what restaurants in your area are looking to ply you with their meaty wares.

At this point I don't know what other information you want from me. I have given you everything. Please, stop reading and go share burgers with someone or, failing that, go and have two burgers yourself and think long and hard into the night about what you've just done.


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*Unless you are vegetarian, vegan or one of the cattle butchered for their meat.

Rory McNab

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