New Features Facebook Desperately Needs

Sometimes you think of a few good ideas for Facebook that  might be good for FB, usually it's when something that goes wrong or when someone pisses you off. Well the good folks over at CollegeHumor have treated us to a few of their ideas and we're calling on Mark Zuckerberg to implement these changes right away.

Meta Likes

You know... A like within a like. For when you want to like the fact that someone is liking something that you originally didn't like at all.

The Ambivalence Counter

Ambivalence is a state of having simultaneous, conflicting reactions towards some object. i.e the we really don't give a shit about your food / baby.


The News Feed Filter

Imagine at anytime you could just filter out any posts containing a selection of words you just didn't want anything to do with that day... For January mine would be... Drinking, Food, Fun...

Drunk Facial Recognition Technology

Those drunk pics always seem to find there way onto Facebook, usually it's your supposed mates who plaster it up thinking it's hilarious, a quick caution from the FB crew wouldn't go a miss, just to let them know they are being dicks for embarrassing you.

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