Pau vs La Rochelle - The MMA Edition

We’ve heard of Frenchmen having fiery tempers before, but this footage from Saturday’s French Pro Division 2 play off between Pau and La Rochelle resembles UFC 159 more then it does a professional rugby match.

The whole game was reportedly marred by incident with small scuffles and handbags being thrown at every opportunity throughout the 2nd half, however spectators of the game must have thought they were at an Ice Hockey match when the real brawl broke out around the 70 minute mark. It got so out of hand that the referee had to speak to both coaches and plead with them to get their players to calm down with the end result being 3 red cards shown and more then a few broken egos.



Pau backs coach David Aucagne commented after the game  ”It’s ugly. There was a dispute, but it is rugby, you must stay focused. I am not sure that was the case today. Daniel [Ramsay] has probably a broken hand. They [La Rochelle] managed to get what they wanted.’ He later added,  ’This is great’ rather sarcastically, we believe.

Shane Johnston
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Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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