PSA: This Friday You Will Be Able To Buy Pints For 99c

PSA: This Friday You Will Be Able To Buy Pints For 99c

Let it never be said that CollegeTimes is a frivolous place for fluff pieces which never really brings to you the news that matters. If you ever hear anyone so much as utter words to this effect, please, stiffle the copious rage that is no doubt bubbling up within you; bury it, bury it deep. Simply try and compose yourself and then load this article onto your phone, assuming you have not already designated it as your home page. Show it to them and watch their face drop, observe as they grope around for words strong enough to express their remorse, express just how wrong they've been.

The news we bring is that a pub in Thurles, Tipperary, to celebrate Black Friday are attempting to congest every A&E department within Munster by selling pints for a mere 99c.

Lar Corbett's and Coppingers, which is owned by the eponymous former Tipperary hurler will be hoiking pints of Heineken and Guinness to the masses for those low low prices this Friday, or if you are of the spirit and pure liquid adrenaline persuasion you can get Red Bull and vodka for the same price.


There will apparently however be a cap on the number of cheap drinks that someone can buy, which is absolutely fair enough as this deal is mental.

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