Someone Has Made A Vegan Creme Egg TWICE The Size Of Normal Creme Eggs

Someone Has Made A Vegan Creme Egg TWICE The Size Of Normal Creme Eggs

They say that progress occurs, not smoothly and consistently, but in fits and starts. Often periods of seeming stagnation mark the precipice of what turns into some stomach-churning lurch forward that takes time to adjust to: the dawn of the internet; the advent of mobile phones; Steps embarking on a comprehensively disappointing 2017 reunion tour. It is often left to individual brilliance to engineer these heaving leaps forward; the preserve of some pie-eyed savant who dreams of bettering the world to take us on their back and drag us toward their vision.

Megan Boyle is one such dreamer, one such daring visionary intent on grabbing society by its lapels, slapping it about the face so it snaps out of its torpor, and dragging it into the future. She has seen the true ill that has been plaguing society and has felt it was incumbent upon her to remedy this situation. She, a Yorkshire based chocolatier, has invented a vegan creme egg that is both, apparently, delicious and, crucially, not in violation of any copyrights. An absolute double-whammy by anybody's reckoning.

Megan Boyle, who runs the vegan confectionery company Mummy Meagz, has been making the vegan cream eggs - which are twice as large as normal ones - for five years. Popularity and demand for them has soared however since she started selling them online.

You can purchase the eggs as part of a hamper that costs £16.95. In the hamper you can choose to either get two eggs with four of their rocky road bars or three eggs with three of their rocky road bars.

Aside from seeming like they have some genuinely fantastic vegan chocolates available on their  website, it is also worth visiting to see the context for this promotional video of an eerie David Brent impersonator doing a taste test of one of their rocky road bars. It really is something else.


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