Study Finds People Who Make Good Cups Of Tea Are More Attractive

Study Finds People Who Make Good Cups Of Tea Are More Attractive

You can tell a lot about someone by how they make their tea. Whether it's dark enough to vanish a garden fence, or paler than your legs on the first day of summer, it's a defining personal characteristic for many people. There is a huge difference in opinions on tea, but now the noble craft of tea-making has some science behind it.

As we all know, making a cup of tea cannot be rushed. Negligence in leaving in the teabag, or pouring the milk can have a big impact on the taste of the cuppa. Research by dating site Plenty Of Fish has found that people who make good cups of tea are more attractive. They surveyed 2500 people, a fifth of those stating that tea skills are a turn on. 69% of people said it was very important to remember how your partner takes their tea.

There was also some shocking statistics on how making a mess of a cup could cost you love. 37% said that making a weak tea would put them off, 17% for adding too much sugar, and 13% if you made it too strong. Using a milk substitute is a no-no for 10% of people, and putting in milk before water would be the deal-breaker for 9% of people. 9% is far too low if you ask me. Nobody in their right mind does milk before water.


As a Nation of tea lovers, it comes as no surprise that tea can make or break a relationship. We know you've gotten a lot of stats thrown at you in this article, so maybe you should get up, and throw on the kettle to help you get through all these facts. After all, it might help you find love.

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Joe O'Gorman

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