9 Telltale Signs You’re Becoming A Trinity Hipster

Walking through the front entrance of Trinity College and all of a sudden you're attacked by the outrageousness that is, surprisingly considered to be "fashion". What have you walked yourself into? It doesn't even stop there. Behold the following 9 telltale signs you're becoming a "hipster".

Let me ask you, have you changed since first year? I bet you have..

1) Facial Hair/Haircut

So Movember is well and truly gone. 7 months ago to be precise. You convinced yourself it was for charity, that you’d raise a lot of money. But now you’ve become obsessed. Now it’s a beard of wisdom to get you through those exams. How much money have you raised now?

The Ket Cut has also been achieved. Is this really “hipster” anymore though? It’s pretty much verging on mainstream at this stage. Quick, better shave off your eyebrows so you stand out more. You mad bro?


2) Fashion – Clothes/Accessories

Plaid shirts, skinny jeans, and any form of animal printed clothing. The list goes on. You’ve started to frequent the many charity shops hidden down the dark alleys of Temple Bar. Your eyesight is perfect yet you’re now the proud owner of a pair of thick square shaped glasses. How original.

3) Piercings/Tattoos

Yes, the majority of people have piercings or tattoos nowadays. However, you’ve truly crossed over from mainstream to "hipster" if you’ve got your nose, lip, tongue, or eyebrow pierced. Along with your animal prints you’re now starting to resemble a bull. How attractive.


Your tats are most likely in the shape of a triangle or some form of square, tactically placed on the side of your index finger, or perhaps that’s too mainstream so you get one on your face instead. Yeah, because that’s not ridiculous looking at all. Hope it's just as "cool" when you're 64.

4) Technology

Do you have a Mac laptop? An iPhone? Record player? Headphones? You’re all about being vintage when it comes to clothes and appearance, the older the better. This isn’t the case with technology though is it? If it’s not brand new it’s not for you. Because that makes so much sense and doesn’t defeat the purpose of term “hipster” at all.

5) Music


Collecting vinyls yet? You either own a record player or you’ve taken your dad’s old one because you know, it’s vintage and you're desperate to have one – Surprise surprise. You don’t listen to Deep House, it’s deeper than deep. The bands you listen have never been heard of. If they don’t exist you’re doing it right.

6) Sports

Is that a Frisbee I see, or a boomerang? Playing a game boules? Or perhaps you’re kicking around a beanie bag because a football is just too mainstream. Or maybe you think you’re being nostalgic by playing a casual game of Quidditch with homemade broomsticks and a ‘golden snitch’ made out of silver. My my, you really are so original.

7) Eating Habits


Apart from your usual spots like Damson Diner, Pyg, Grogans or Farmer Browns. However, it's May now, time to change things up a bit. The weather is starting to improve and you’ve already organised to have a picnic on the green with all of your extremely original and unique friends. Do hipsters even call their friends, friends? Or is that too mainstream as well?

8) Method of Transport

If you’ve recently become concerned about the environment and you’ve now purchased a fixie you’ve already crossed over. You have a wicker basket attached at the front so you can strategically place your vintage bag-pack there for everyone to see. More than likely purchased in Urban Outfitters, not really vintage is it?

9) Emotions


Emotions? What are emotions? You used to know the meaning of this but now it takes too much effort to feel.

Hipster - It's not about what you like, it's all about what no one else likes.


Sarah Finegan

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