13 Memories From The Debs We Can All Relate To

13 Memories From The Debs We Can All Relate To

The Irish Debs is a tour de force of sinfulness and anticipation ie. one of the best nights of your life.

The idea for the Irish debs originated back in 1870 when leprechauns turned a Kerry farmer into a school principal. In order for the principal to keep track of all the vengeful adolescents, he promised them a massive end of summer party, so long as they behaved for 6 years and sat all their exams - a bewitching spell if ever there was one.

Here are 13 memories of the debs you definitely won't forget from that special night:

1. The Annoying 'Debs Committee'

The worst part of any Debs in Ireland was having to listen to the annoying people on the Debs Committee. If it wasn't for them we probably wouldn't have had a debs but what was with the constant reminders? We get it, you're in love with the power. Take our money and be gone.

2. Trying To Find Someone To Go The Debs With You


Your debs date ultimately came down to the following options: a friend of a friend, your actual friend, a possible boyfriend/girlfriend (rare) or somebody you met at a youth disco three years ago.


3. Hating Your Life 'Cause You Can't Find Anything To Wear

The constant arguments with your parents over what you're wearing is too enough for you to throw in the towel. Girls are left hating their make up after 2 hours of being picked and prodded.


4. Picking Up Your Date And Giving Their Parents Gifts

Pure awkward, is this a wedding or your debs? Pop on the corsage and let's hightail it out of this place.

5. Posing For A Million Photographs For The Relatives

"Get the whole outfit into the photo! No, try again.", "Jamie, I can't see you in the back over there!", "Right, everyone hide your drink for this one."


6. The Journey To The Location You Can't Remember

The jam packed bus or fancy limo, it didn't matter. Where were you actually going? Nobody knew but the driver and the debs committee.

7. The Awkward Debs Photo

Don't get us started, we still have the uncomfortable group picture to prove it #takemygoodside.


8. Trimming Over The Hem Of Your Dress/Suit Trousers

Admit it, we looked like children trying to play fancy dress. All the same, we looked well!

9. Trying To Get The Perfect Selfie

*smashes phone*


10. Seeing That Person You Hate Again After School Finishes

"Why is she wearing the same coloured dress as me?" / "He's getting a bating!"

11. Winning The "Most Likely To End Up In Prison" Award

Or "Most Likely To Die Alone". Lol - my future prospects are bright.


12. Waiting In Line For The Breakfast

Forget about that stupid three-course dinner 'cause nobody cared about the soakage. It was all about taking those shoes off and eating that greasy bacon at the end of a long night of debauchery. Pass me the tea, please.

13. Waking Up Still Wearing Your Tuxedo/Dress

Best night ever.

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