The Most Annoying Posts On Instagram

Instagram has become quite the phenomenon for students out there. It is a way for us to shove information in your face, that we want you to know, without the over the top aspects of a Facebook status. But, whether you like it or not, there are things that will grind your gears. Maybe it is the # or the succession of couple selfies that make you cringe and those eyes of yours roll. After analysing our CT readers pet hates, I have compiled a list of The 9 Most Annoying Posts on Instagram.

1) Airport Check-in

There is nothing wrong with this Instagram but it does get on certain people's nerves. We are jealous enough that you are jetting off while we sit in the library staring at the hailstones banging against the window, so, we don't need to see your pint of Bulmers in the airport titled: "Cheeky drink before Londonnn".

2) Juice Diets

Even if you were starving yourself with nothing but juice for a good cause it can get annoying. So, when you are two days in and decide to put up a picture of you pouting with the juice and #juicing #juicefasting, no one will enjoy that.


 3) Healthy Foods

#paleo #cleanliving #glutenfree #fitspo #healthyliving - #youaresoannoyingcanyoupleasestopdoingthisthanks. Unless you are blogging, or have a purpose behind this, no one cares if you went to the gym, you're eating healthily or you made the most delicious paleo brownies.

4) #nofilter

We get it. You are not just good looking, you are good looking enough to not use a filter. Congratulations! You have achieved more than you know. On a serious note, this hastag is painful.


5) Weight Loss Selfies

It is great that you lost weight. Everyone should be healthy and you should be proud. But, constant pictures of you tensing, showing your six pack and saying how much weight you've lost, unfortunately, isn't going to do you any favors.

6) Fake Quotes

Finding a quote in a meme or finding one in Google images doesn't necessarily mean it is true. Some of the Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot quotes people post, they have never said. Here is one to show you just what I'm talking about...


7) Mirror Selfies

They can be vain, they can be in unusual places and I really wonder how people get their bodies to bend like that. They are certainly not the worst but they aren't the best either.

 8) Work Out Selfies

Oh no, you forget to tell the world you were going to the gym, what will you do now? For some reason some fellow Instagrammers out there feel they should let the world know every time they are in the gym. Whether it is on the treadmill, in the locker room or lifting weights, you just have to show people. For students, like myself, who prefer to sit on their ass all day eating chipper chips and numerous packs of Mighty Munch, it can get annoying.

9) Couple Selfies

We get it you are in a relationship. But, the pictures with you both pretending you are asleep, or kissing, is just too much. This can come across as cringey and over the top. Nobody will like it unless they are in the actual relationship.

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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