10 Reasons Why You Should Move Out In Your Early 20s

If you are over the age of 18, you should consider moving out of your parent's house. Yeah, you'll have to pay rent, but the newfound freedom you'll have will be worth it. Here are 10 reasons why you should move out in your early 20s:


1. You can have sex loudly without (much) consequence.

You can have sex loudly, everywhere, whenever you want. The only thing to keep in mind are your neighbours, but it's much harder to disturb them than someone across the hall. Plus, you don't have to worry about someone barging in. (Also, you no longer have to listen to them getting it on either. *shudders*)



2. You can bring home a different person every night without judgment.

Maybe you'll want to, maybe you won't. But the fact of the matter is that you can bring home as many people as you want without anyone judging you. Hell, you can have an orgy if that's your thing. You can have an orgy just to figure out if it is your thing or not! The freedom is sweet.


3. You can have (semi) raging parties.

You can't host intense social get-togethers if you live at your parent's house, but you can when you move out. Just keep this in mind when throwing parties (or, you know, orgies): even though you have all the freedom in the world, you gotta keep it halfway civil. Get turned up at a reasonable volume so your downstairs neighbours don't call the police. But even reasonably-volumed house parties are more fun than no parties at all.



4. You never have to go back home.

There are no curfews in the real world. You can stay out all night and no one will text you to see when you're coming home. If you want to sleep on a public bench, you have that option. If you want to stay up all night with your best girlfriends, you can. You literally have to ability to never go home ever again if you do so desire, and no one will say a god damn thing!




5. You can stay home as much as you feel like.

Similarly, you never have to leave your bed. You can Netflix for hours upon hours and no one can harass you about it. You can wear your PJs until it's time to put new PJs on. Fuck, you can run around your house naked if you wanna. Your parents aren't there to make you feel bad about any of these decisions.


6. Family dinners aren't needed anymore.

Sure, you'll miss home cooked meals, but now you have to ability to eat whenever you want to. You don't have to sit and wait for another human being to get off work as your stomach growls angrily. You can text while you eat during the entire meal. There are no rules or expectations. Just you and an entire pizza at 2am.


7. No one will care if you eat take out most of the week.

Moms and dads have "eat your vegetables" engraved in their brains. Despite being an adult, they will still pester you to stay healthy. When you move out, they can't control what you put in your mouth. Eat McDonald's for breakfast, Taco Bell for lunch, Pizza Hut for dinner, and McDonald's for a midnight snack. It's all up to you.




8. You can clean when you want to.

When we're done with classes and work, no one wants to vacuum. Skip washing the dishes and clean the toilet another day. You don't have to tidy up until you are absolutely disgusted with yourself. And that's a powerful, enlightening feeling.



9. You won't have to tell your parents everything that's going on in your life anymore.


Obviously, your parents will want to stay apart of your life. You'll call when you get a new job or if you need to remember how to work the washing machine, but, for the most part, they are completely out of the loop. They only know what you tell them, and that's something you've never experienced.


10. It will help you grow as a person.

All this freedom will suck sometimes. Debt will accumulate as fast as the dishes in your sink, and every once in a while you'll kill for a home cooked meal. But all of this is a good thing. No one just becomes an adult. They learn how to adult. And with each irritating failure, you'll become more and more independent.


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