11 Messages Everyone Sends Their Best Mate On WhatsApp

11 Messages Everyone Sends Their Best Mate On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is the ideal spot to voice all of your most embarrassing memories, organise your weekend and revisit old flames, but there's one thing WhatsApp offers that few apps do: 24/7 communication with your best friend forever.

Whatsapp is essentially the adult version of a walkie-talkie, with all the bonus features you never got with your battery device. You're always seconds away from contacting that special person and they can't ignore you 'cause of those little blue ticks. Here are just some of the messages you're likely to send to your number one every day:

1. The Rant

There's nothing better than sending paragraph length WhatsApp messages or half hour voice notes announcing your anger with the world. If it's not a person who won't text you back; a college test that made zero sense, or just someone getting on your nerve, it's nice to rant to your phone with the knowledge that your BFF will rant back, any time of the day.



2. The Mammoth Voice Note

Are you even friends with someone if they're not sending you an hour long voice note immediately followed by a "sorry for sending that giant voice note" message.

The best is the day after a night on the town and you're trying to decode their mumbling "I love you messages" as they devour a chicken fillet roll or sing traditional Irish songs. The worst: "I've news. I'll send you a voice message later" which is followed by hours of staring at your phone, wondering when they'll finally free you from your suspense.

3. The Goss

Juicy soul searching gossip is always spilled best over a WhatsApp conversation. You just never know what your BFF is going to send you about the latest Instagram account that's gone rogue.



4. Memes With No Context

Who needs context with their best mate when you're perfectly in sync with one another 24/7 a day, 365 days a year?

5. Random Events You'll Never Go To

One thing we all love to do is make plans to go to a random event, usually something we'd never normally do 'cause we're 'adventurous'.

Whether it's dancing on a tightrope; dressing up stray cats for charity, or revisiting a teen idol obsession, we know we'll never do it but talking about it is almost as good as going.



6. Bad Puns

As their best friend it's up to you to approve their jokes but sometimes even a "haha" won't do. After years of receiving terrible jokes, it's best to spam them back.

7. Location, Location, Location

A night out, concert or festival means you're bound to get separated from your ride-or-die at some stage. Thanks to WhatsApp, sharing your location has never been easier.



8. A Facebook Memory

Its been about 84 years since, but Facebook still wants to remind you of that god damn cringeworthy line you wrote back in first class. The only way to put a stop to the traumatic levels of cringe you feel, is to pass the memory on to your nearest and dearest for validation that it wasn't all that bad.

9. Unfiltered Selfies

While the filtered world of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook might be the spot to share your sickening selfies, WhatsApp means you can send that open camera selfie with the knowledge your friend is the only person laughing at you.



10. Song Titles You'll Never Listen To

While you might be obsessed with relistening to Natasha Bedingfield's 'Unwritten' it doesn't mean your friend will ever share that same joy. Find a new friend.

11. Dating Trials and Tribulations

A date or a potential new crush needs to be thoroughly vetted through a WhatsApp conversation. Once you're done sharing as much information as you possibly can about this person you may or may not have ever met, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your pal has given you the all clear on this romantic interest.


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