Things Every Twenty-Something Needs In Their Kitchen

So here's the thing, we need to eat to survive right? And food is pretty much the best thing ever. But cooking is such a pain, especially if you've had a long day in college, a tough day at your internship or you're just in from your part time job. Could you be bothered whipping something up? Nah...


Takeaways are often the easier and, let's face it, the nicer option. But in the long run, they're not exactly the healthy route. I know, I'm crying too. But wouldn't cooking be easier if you had cool gadgets? Here are a few gadgets that would spruce up your student kitchen and make cooking a teensy bit more enticing.

A Soda Stream


Because who doesn't want to turn water into a fizzy drink?!


A NutriBullet


Ideal for battling a hangover or that post gym boost.

A Food Processor

Onion tears will be a thing of the past. There is nothing worse than chopping for HOURS, just for a bit of dinner.


A Waffle Iron


Why you ask? Who doesn't enjoy waffles on a Saturday or Sunday Morning?! You've been good all week, you deserve a treat. Lidl will always have one at some stage throughout the year - and it comes with a recipe book.

A George Foreman Grill


For grilling you super healthy Chicken of course...not to mention this comes with a recipe book as well. I would also make Quesadillas with mine....just saying.

A Solid Chopping Board

You don't want a chopping board that has knife lines going through it, trust me. To a neat/clean obsessive person, it eats away at you!


A Good Can Opener

This may seem a little obvious but have you ever tried to open something with a blunt blade? Worst. Thing. Ever

A Rice Cooker


A What? A Rice Cooker. A box of minute rice is dearer than a bag of rice. I can never cook rice without half of it sticking to the bottom of the pan and burning - The smell along is disgusting. This actually changed my life.


All these products can be bought in the likes of Heatons, Home Store & More, Debenhams, Dunnes Stores, Argos and of course Lidl. Investing in them will pretty much be the best thing you do in your life, I mean bar saving the world or something like that...

Aoife Connolly

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