17 Questions You'll Need To Ask The Landlord Before You Move In

17 Questions You'll Need To Ask The Landlord Before You Move In

The struggle to find somewhere to live in the current economic climate is one we can all relate to. If we're not standing in a queue a mile long for a €1,200 'cosy' studio apartment you're almost certain there's something fishy happening. With that being said, it's always good to know a few tricks before your viewing takes place.

Here are 17 things and questions you should ask before renting a new place:

"Is there mold and damp in this place?"

Mold is a dangerous substance and can be found in more properties than you'd think. Usually, you'll see dark patches on the ceiling or they may be recently painted over and will not be visible again for a number of weeks.

"Does the fridge/freezer work?"

Take a quick peek in the fridge when you arrive for the viewing. You need to know your fridge is in working order and that you can freeze your favourite ice cream - priorities damn it!


"Are the windows full of condensation?"

If the windows look like the picture below and nobodies just had a shower then you know there's a problem. Condensation causes dampness. Get yourself out of there.

"How is my rubbish taken care of?"

After a couple of weeks of your rubbish piling up and stinking out your entire apartment, you might be glad you asked this question.

"Can I park outside or nearby?"


If your side kick can't live outside then why should you live inside?

"Does this shower work?"

Ask can you turn the nozzle on and feel the water pressure. Yes, that does sound like a strange question but it's necessary.

"Can I decorate this place?"

A barren apartment can be great for anyone with a good eye to decorate but if you can't add your own flair to something then what's the point.


"Do I have hot water?"

Turn on the hot tap and see what happens. You can't boil kettles for the entire time you live here.

"Does the toilet flush?"

Excuse yourself to the loo and check all of these issues out in peace and quiet. Know would be a good time to check the pressure for the shower if you're too embarrassed to ask.

"Will these beds be here when I move in?"

The last thing you'll want to find is that those comfy beds, giant duvets, and fluffy cushions were all for show.


"Can I have receipts for my rent and a contractual agreement please?"

Keep a file of all documents that you have signed. Ask for a monthly receipt or evidence of each payment. If you're a student then you can claim some of these expenses back in future.

"What kind of transport is nearby?"

You'll need to get to and from your new home with ease. If you don't have a car you'll have to think about how you're going to get your food shopping from A to B or get to work on time.

"Is wifi included in the rent?"


'Cause who lives offline these days.

"Is the wifi signal strong?"

You don't want to be stuck with a bad wifi reception for the next 12 months.

"Are bills included in the rent and if not how am I to pay?"

Some landlords include your rent and bills for one price. Find out before you start paying rent so you can plan for monthly or weekly bills.

"Does the washing machine work?"


You don't want to stink for the remainder of your lease.

"What's the story with the heating?"

Winter is coming and we all know how cold it gets here in Ireland. The hot water bottle shouldn't have to be glued to your side 24/7.

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