31 Tiny Quote Tattoos You'll Go Crazy For

Tattoos are totally our thing here at College Times and we're just dying to get something new! Quotes can sometimes be a dodgy if you don't get the right thing, and they sometimes end up taking up way too much space on your skin. Thankfully, these tiny quote tattoos will hopefully give you (and us!) some inspo for that next tattoo. We're practically off to the parlour now to get one...

1. Let It Go

2.The Mountains Are Calling...

3. X-Files


4. Good Vibes

5. Regina Spektor

6. Love


7. iloveyou

8. Let Go

9. Be Happy


10. Alice In Wonderland

11. The Notebook

12. You Are So Much More


13. William Shakespeare's The Tempest

14. Lord of the Rings

15. Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate)



16. The Scene Aesthetic

17. Harry Potter


18. Harry Potter (again)

19. Mind Over Matter

20. Harry Potter


21. Live Forever

22. Primo Levi

23. Tarzan


24. Wanderlust

25. Pinky Promise

26. Tom Petty


27. Just Breathe

28. I Forgive You

29. Precious Little Flower


30. Remember Me

31. Toy Story


Credit: POPSUGAR Girls' Guide

Ally Kutz
Article written by
American student interning in Ireland for the semester. Lover of dogs and bad puns.

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