What Your First College Party is Actually Like Demonstrated In Friends Gifs

The time as come: your first college party. You have spent months on the couch preparing for this milestone in your life by watching movie after movie about college. After four years of attending those juvenile shit school parties it is finally time to join the big ranks. As you shower and primp to look your best visions of flip cup, chanting, and keg stands dance in your head. However, things are never what you expect them to be. The first college party you attend will probably be absolutely nothing like the movies, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be entertaining. With a little help from our Friends, here is your first college party as told by GIFs.

It all begins when your roommate’s older brother invites you both to a party


You try to play it cool, but on the inside you are DYING


Keyword being try


But soon as the door shuts all bets are off and the celebrating begins


Realization that there are only 8 hours until the party begins sets in and you run for the shower



And spend hours primping and analyzing every detail of your appearance


But nothing seems to go the way you want it to



Your hair won’t sit right, all of your clothes seem so high school, and you can’t master this smokey eye look for the life of you.

As you leave for the party your floor mates cheer for you and wish you good luck


You are the chosen ones!

You make it to the party after dodging a few idiots along the way



The front door swings open and you’re surprisingly invited in without question


And are momentarily baffled by the amount of people they have crammed into one house



You see a total hottie standing across the room and you shoot him THE look without thinking twice.


I’m a college student now. I can flirt. I can make moves. Look at me go!


Said guy begins to walk over to you and panic ensues.


What is air? What is my name? What year is it? WHY DID I GIVE HIM THE LOOK?

False alarm. He blew right by you towards the hot, leggy and underdressed blonde in the back. Duh.



I don’t think anyone noticed that I thought he was coming to me. It’s okay.

Someone noticed


You head to the bar area and fill up your cup with a brightly colored juice as someone asks if you have tried it before



Couldn’t be too bad, right?

You take a big swig and it takes like a mixture of gasoline, nail polish, and ribena.


How is everyone drinking this? Forget it I’ll stay sober.


You walk towards where the music is coming from and you’re shocked at what you see


People. Kissing. Everywhere



You run to out to find your roommate to see if she is ready to leave


The eighth person of the night asks if you are a fresher and laughs when you say you are.



Suddenly you are beginning to feel like a joke and you aren’t so proud to be among the youngest around.

The two of you decide to admit defeat and head back to your dorm room to binge eat pizza


Hey, you made it 45 minutes at your first college party!

Because everyone knows pizza can turn even the worst night into the best.


Via SurvivingCollege

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