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The fact that it's 12 weeks to Christmas.

(AKA an excuse to be completely locked for an entire month) Halloween is also near.

Cat Videos..

Keyboard Cat Never gets old

Made In Chelsea returning.

True, it's deeply cringe at times but it punctuates Sunday nights nicely.

Khloe Kardashian

Her personal life seems to be a hot mess but she is just hot at the moment, plain and simple. She also seems quite sound it has to be said.

About Time

The most utterly charming film made in a long, long time. And sure yer man is Irish... What more could you want?


These Britney and Justin images...

Sigh... What could/should have been.. Buzzfeed made these weird / creepy photoshopped pics 

Another photo of America's Royal Baby North..


What's Not...


The Dexter Finale.

No. Just no. *Spolier Alert* You cannot leave Harrison with Hannah and just feck off and become a woodcutter. It's not how it was supposed to end. #WeWantedABloodBath


Miley/Sinead Drama...

Ladies Just Stop... or maybe don't... Carry on. Miley remember you used to look like this..

Breaking Bad pity parties.

It's over, we're all sad but life must go on. It must and it shall....

Love / Hate Spoilers

Some of like to go to bed early on a Sunday night and get our Love / Hate fix on Monday evening. Except for the fact that literally everyone you walk into has already told you what's happened to Nidge and the lads...


Kate Breslin

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