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10 Signs You're Falling In Love With Your Co-Worker

When you spend enough time around someone you'll start to notice you're getting attracted to them. This gets worse when you're in work with this person. You're bored and you're stuck there for however many hours a day so naturally your mind is gonna wander and pretty soon you're stuck on one subject - are you in love with your co-worker?

1. It's harder to talk to them.

Used to be you could make some jokes or witty observations during work and you two would be able to laugh away. Now though when you try to make a joke you're stuttering, you're smiling too much and you can't quite get the words out properly. You'll get it next time Champ.

2. It's harder to work.

You used to be a one person powerhouse, getting all your work done with time to spare. Now you're staring off into the distance trying to see if she'd think it's weird if you asked her to come to lunch with you. It would wouldn't it? Maybe you should ask a couple of people to come with?

3. You start looking forward to work.

It seems completely unrealistic but it's happened, you actually want to be in work tomorrow so you can see them. Oh shit today is Friday isn't it? I probably won't see her until Monday...


4. You start to read way too much into your relationship.

What did she mean by "I'm so excited for the weekend?" Maybe she was inviting you somewhere? Yeah that's got to be it.

5. You get disappointed when they aren't in.

It's eight minutes past nine where the hell are they? Aw this day is gonna suck balls if she doesn't show up. Is that her?! No, just stupid Accounts Tim. Fuck Tim.

6. You get jealous when she's talking to other people.

You never noticed before but her and Tim talk a lot. What's he gotta say to her that takes so much time? Fuck you Tim I'm joining this conversation.


7. Everything they say is a little funnier.

"HA! Oh God, wow you really crack me up. Funniest person in the office, easily. What? Nah, no of course, you're right it wasn't that funny. I'll....I should get back to work." Cool, you're really cool.

8. Your co-workers are starting to notice.

Someone notices and tries to slide in and get all the juicy goss, next thing you know it's all over the office. They start making jokes about you being 'work-married', asking where you're going on your date etc. You have answers for the questions but you can't let them know that it's not like you're in love with her or anything...

9. You panic when they start talking about a different job.

What do you mean you have a job interview? It's just to stay sharp right, you aren't actually gonna take it? Well who needs more money, better hours and their own office? That sounds pretty shitty to me...

10. You only go to work so you can suggest different staff outings.

They'll have to say yes eventually. You have noticed the outings have become more unrealistic and time-consuming. Lunch becomes drinks after work, drinks become a dinner, dinner becomes rock climbing on Saturday, staff holiday...

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