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13 Ways To Appear More Attractive Than You Really Are

There is a lot you can do to make yourself  appear more attractive and a lot of them have the scientific research backing it. It's human nature and there are things you can do that can completely change the way people look at you. Here are the ways to appear more attractive than you really are.

13) Smile

It's been proven that men and women are more attractive to the opposite sex when they have a genuine smile. Your eyes just get drawn to someone who is smiling and it's give's off this positive energy. When someone smiles they appear a lot more friendly and are a lot more approachable.

12) Strong Scent

If you have a certain scent that you always wear, no matter what it is, it will mix with your own natural fragrance and make it personal to you. You don't want to over do things and cake yourself in it, but having a noticeable scent will make you more attractive.

11) Eating fruit and veg

Studies have shown that when you eat a lot of fruit and veg it makes your skin glow. They're loaded with antioxidants and plant pigments which make the skin appear brighter. We are naturally attracted to people who look fresh and healthy, it gives the impression that they're full of life.


10) Personal Hygiene

If your overall hygiene is good, whether it's having a shower or brushing your teeth then you're more presentable. It's a small thing, but hygiene can have a big impact on how someone perceives you. It's always more attractive when someone looks clean and is well groomed.

9) Eye Contact

When someone looks you in the eyes it means that they are giving you their full attention. We are always more attracted to someone that does this, rather than when a person averts their gaze from you.

8) Hand Gestures

If you use hand gestures you appear more animated and more lively. It also gives us the impression that the person is a lot more interesting and engaging.


7) Being calm and relaxed

We are automatically more attracted to someone that is calm and serene. People who seem assured of themselves and are comfortable in who they are will appear far more attractive.

 6) Appearing unattainable

To an extent obviously, but if you play hard to get it will make the other person want you more. We're not attracted to someone that is desperate, so playing hard to get is a great way to build attraction. Girls are more attracted to a guy when he doesn't make it obvious whether he likes her or not, it makes them think about him more.

5) Posture

If you have good posture, it makes you appear taller and skinnier. Also, if you keep your head up and stand up straight it also makes you appear more attractive to the opposite sex. If you're slouched over or have your head down, people tend to disregard you.


4) Laughing at yourself

Humility is a key ingredient to becoming more attractive. If you are able to laugh at yourself and you know where you stand,  people will react positively. If you always get defensive when someone slags you, it will come off as being wounded or closed off. If you don't take yourself too seriously, you will be more likeable.

3) Being unselfish

This is especially true when a guy comes off this way. Girls are attracted to men that care and show compassion towards other. Guys will also find someone more attractive if they are kind and generous and aren't always thinking about themselves.

2) Being passionate about something

Whether it's your line of work or just one of your hobbies, when you show passion for something it makes you more attractive. It lets people see what type of person you are and the motivations behind the way you act. Don't be afraid to geek out every now and then, we react positively to someone that is inspired by something they love.

1) Name dropping

This is definitely a sure fire way to appear more attractive. When you're talking to someone and every once in a while you say their name, we are hardwired to act positively and our brain responds when someone mentions our name. So next time you're talking to someone you like, drop their name in there every now and again.


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