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17 Signs Your Tinder Relationship Might Actually Be Going Somewhere

So you've been talking to this guy for a few weeks now but you have absolutely no idea where you stand. Are they talking to other people? Do they want to take this further than just through a screen? Oh, the many questions left unanswered. Well fear not, here are some signs your Tinder relationship might be getting more serious than you initially thought...


1) The conversation didn't start with "Hey", "What's up?" or "How're you?"

Because no matter how hot they might be, if their opening line was one of the above, they're immediately being unmatched.

2) You've been texting for more than three days in a row.

It's not an on and off thing like most other Tinder conversations; this one is actually stable and being maintained. You guys even text during the day, and you know if there are messages sent before 6pm then shit's serious.

3) You've stopped replying to other messages just to focus on this one.

A few weeks ago you had at least a steady eight different people on the go at the one time. Now though, you're spending so much time talking to this person that you don't see the point of all the other conversations. So basically you just stopped replying, simple as.

4) It's been a full week and there haven't been any sexual implications.

Let's be honest, conversations that go straight into sexting are never going to last longer than a few days. So when you reached the ten-day mark with this person, you knew something was different to all the others.

5) You know their full name.

Don't underestimate how important that information is. You don't just give your full name out to anyone; there has to be at least a base foundation of trust.

6) And you've abused that information by stalking their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

This is the exact reason why you shouldn't give your full name out to just anybody. God knows what they could find from simply knowing your surname.

7) You find yourself constantly checking when they were last active.

And you want to tell them because you think it might sound cute but at the same time you don't want them thinking you're a fucking psycho stalker bitch so you just sit there staring at your screen and say nothing whatsoever. Ha...

8) You've stepped things up a notch and taken the conversation to Messenger.

Being at the stage where you can now see if they've viewed your message or not is a pretty big milestone. I mean, this ultimately means you're friends on Facebook so you have access to basically their entire life. Feel the power.

9) You get anxious when they've seen your message and haven't replied in four minutes.

The downside to Messenger is obviously the time you waste checking if they've seen your message, if they're typing or if they've seen it, but it says "Active seven minutes ago" below their name. Especially if you sent your message nine minutes ago.

10) Snapchat names have been exchanged and snaps have been screenshotted.

Even though you're not really sure whether screenshotting is appropriate or not at this early stage.

11) You leave one "x" after anything you would consider a significant message.

That one letter can mean so damn much.

12) You've stopped using Tinder completely without even realising.

You begin to wonder whether you even need it on your phone anymore. It does take up a nice chunk of storage like...

13) You've discussed actually meeting up more than once.

And not just for a quickie.

14) You sacrifice precious sleeping hours just to make the conversation last that little bit longer.

On the one hand, you love late-night texting because it means they can focus more on your messages but at the same time it means saying goodnight is that little bit closer. So bittersweet.

15) You're always checking your phone to see if they've texted.

Every notification gives you false hope so you've had to resort to putting your phone on silent. But you keep checking it anyway, just in case.

16) You notice yourself thinking about them all the time.

On the train, going for a jog, in the shower, in your dreams...

17) You've deleted Tinder from your phone altogether.

Fuck. This shit just got hella real. Good luck with your new relationship, bud.

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