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17 Signs You Need To Dump Your Girlfriend

Guys, are you ever unsure of whether your relationship is working for you? Do you sometimes think that you hate your own girlfriend? If you're unsure, the answer is usually YES! Here are 17 signs that you need to dump your girlfriend.

17. She insists on frequently talking to her ex-boyfriends.

If she insists on "keeping in touch" with her exes more than the appropriate amount, it's time to give her the boot. She'll be nothing but trouble for you!

16. She keeps "forgetting" to take the pill.

She conveniently forgets to take the pill on more than a few occasions. It's a trap! Get out of there while you still can!

15. The sex has gone south.

The sex has gone drastically downhill. You have sex for the hell of it rather than for the pleasure. There's nothing new in the bedroom and you're stuck in the same boring rut. Missionary, get on top, turn over, go to sleep. Yawn! ...

14. You're forced to celebrate monthly anniversaries.

She insists that you celebrate anniversaries each month and she goes crazy at you when you forget. Nobody needs this. The only guys worse off than you is the one with super-crazy girlfriend who makes him celebrate WEEK anniversaries!

13. She has in depth conversations with you about her period.

She forces you to sit down and listen to her lengthy spiel about her menstrual cycle. Come on - a bit of mystery is nice. Guys don't have to, need to, or WANT to know about what goes on during her time of the month.

12. She comes between you and your friends.

When your girlfriend starts to come between you and your oldest friends, it's time to call it a day. You'll have your friends for life. Nobody wants the girl who breaks up a bromance for the sake of her romance.

11. She hacks into your email or Facebook.

She is highly insecure and checks your Facebook and emails when you're not around. She's not above checking your texts on your phone when you've left the room.

10. You found a GPS tracker underneath your car.

You didn't quite catch her doing it but who else could it be? Don't fool yourself into thinking that she's not capable of that. She is!

9. The sound of her voice starts to annoy you.

Her voice used to give you butterflies in your stomach, but now it sounds like someone repeatedly swinging a bag of cats against a brick wall.

8. She disrespects you publicly.

She makes a fool out of you in your local supermarket or mocks you in front of your friends. Get rid!

7. She's gained an enormous amount of weight since you started dating.

We're not talking a couple of pounds here. But if she's put on a couple of stone with no sign of it going away, it's a good sign of things to come. Get out of there, she's gonna blow!

6. You avoid her phone calls.

You see her name appear on your phone and either sigh, roll your eyes or break down in tears.

5. You make excuses not to hang out with her.

You avoid hanging out with your girlfriend at all costs. You'll actually choose studying for an exam or babysitting your little brother just to have an excuse for not spending time with her.

4. Her condescending attitude.

She talks down to you and has developed a twist of bitch-itis. All she does is nag at you for hours upon end. Her voice feels like a woodpecker constantly penetrating your brain.

3. Sex becomes infrequent and is only offered as a "reward."

You rarely get any action any more. Her sex drive is awful and she only uses sex as a "reward" if you do something good to "earn" it.

2. You're increasingly fighting with one another.

You find yourselves arguing more and more. There used to be an argument every couple of weeks followed by some intense lovey-dovey makeup sex. Now you argue almost on a daily basis and there's no makeup sex.

1. You are unhappy being in a relationship with her.

If you are actually unhappy being in a relationship with her, getting sick of the sight of her, cry yourself to sleep at night and find yourself plotting about ways to get rid of her, it's definitely time to dump your girlfriend.

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