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21 Signs That She's Into You

Sometimes girls can play hard to get when they like someone, so it can be hard to read her. There are something things that she does though, that are hard to miss. She doesn't want to make it too obvious that she likes you so there are some signals you need to look out for. Here are signs that she is into you:

21) She's always seems to be orbiting around you

If you're out together, she is never too far away from you and always seems to be in your general vicinity. If you move around the place she kind of acts like your shadow. If it seems a bit too convenient that you keep ending up talking to her then it's a good sign.

20) She will always try and catch your attention

You might be talking to one of your friends and out of the corner of your eye you notice her. It could be something small like her let laughing out a laugh or makes a funny gesture. It's all just a way for her to get your attention, so you will talk to her.

19) She will get insanely jealous when she sees you talking to other girls

Obviously, she won't actually show it, but she might butt into your conversation and humor the girl for a bit and then talk to you. If really she likes you she will do anything to try and get you away from her.


18) She's a bit of copycat

This one is done subconsciously and she might not even realise it herself. She will mimic your actions, whether it's simply stretching out or drinking at the same time as you. She always has her eye on you so might not notice when she does the same things you do.

17) She keeps asking you questions about yourself

She wants to get to know you better so when you're talking to her, every now and again she will ask you a personal question. She wants to know what type of person you are. It can be quite annoying when she keeps asking you questions instead of having a conversation.

16) She always looks in your eyes when you're talking to her

Eye contact is a definite give away, when you're talking to each other it looks like she is staring into your soul. You have her full attention and she will always be locked in your eyes if she is really into you.


15) She will "accidentally" graze against your arm

When you walk by each other she might touch on your arm while she goes past. It's usually nothing obvious it's a light touch,  that can be seen as an accident. She knows exactly what she is doing so this is a definite sign that she likes you.

14) When you text her, she will instantly text you back

If she really likes you she won't mess around when you text her. There is a lot you can tell from what she texts as well, which is another article altogether. She doesn't want to keep you waiting, so she will always be quick to respond.

13) She seems to be always changing her profile picture

She knows that you see her photos on Facebook so she only wants you to see the best ones. She keeps second guessing which picture she chooses and always wants to get that one that is inconspicuous yet sexy.


12) She likes everything thing you put up on Facebook

In the digital world, a like can mean a lot of different things, but if a girl is constantly likes everything you put up it's a clear signIf you put up some article you read she will probably share it as well.

11) You conveniently share the same interests as her on Facebook

You notice that she likes the same pages that you do and some of them are very specific. She has clearly been snooping around on your Facebook page and knows the kind of stuff you're into.

 10) They dress up when they know they're going to see you

If you notice that she changes her hairstyle or wears different clothes when you see her it's a good sign. She wants to show the different sides of herself and knows that she can express this through what she wears.


9) You seem to bump into her a lot more

You see her on the street every now and again, it's not just a coincidence. She knows your daily routine so she knows the different places you got too. Next time this happens, you will know that you didn't just randomly bump into her.

8) She remembers little facts and details about you

If you mention something you're into, she will remember when you talked about it before. She will say something like " Oh yeah you said that you were into to olives". She remembers things that you had forgotten about yourself.

7) She is always wearing some type of perfume

You notice that anytime you are around that she seems to be wearing some type of perfume. Guys respond to girls that smell good, so she is building that attraction between the two of you.


6) She pretends to like things you're interested in, even though she doesn't have a clue

"Oh, Ronaldo what a player," she tries really hard to get into the same things that you're into. She is trying to understand your way of thinking, so she will try to be interested in what you're interested in. Sometimes it can be kind of cringy if she makes sweeping statements about things she doesn't know.

5) She always seems to be in your personal space

When you're talking to her, she won't have a problem leaning in and being in your personal space. She doesn't shy away from being close to you and will get as close as she can to you.

4) She is very agreeable

It doesn't always mean she likes you because some girls are confrontational and can still like you. If she isn't the most outspoken of women she will always agree with what you have to say. She doesn't want to throw a spanner in the works and come off as bitchy.


3) She always seems to make time for you

If you say you have to into town and need someone to go with, she will oblige. Even though she says that he has nothing on anyway. More than likely she actually cancelled something just to be with you.

2) She always has a smile when you're talking to her

She doesn't want to come off as annoyed or grumpy so when you're around here or talking to her she has a smile. This is a very clear sign, you make her happy and she wants to be around you, so you must be doing something right.

1) She will always laugh, even when it's not a joke

This probably the most obvious sign of them all, you know a girl likes you if she laughs at things that aren't even really remotely funny. Then when you actually do crack a joke she bursts out laughing. It can be quite uncomfortable if she is laughing at everything you say, but at least you have someone to laugh at your bad jokes.

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