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31 Easy Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend...

Sadly, it can be really rather difficult to annoy men. I've often pondered the reason behind this and have since come to the conclusion that it must be down to the fact that it's because we, as women, spend so much of our time angry at his downfalls, that thoughts of angering him just don't even enter our brain. Well ladies,  I for one reckon that it's time for a revolution. A turnaround. If you can't get mad, go one step further and get even. Here are 31 easy ways to annoy your boyfriend:

1) Undermine his masculinity by asking him to do manly things you know he'll fail at.
2) Constantly reiterate the fact that, contrary to new beliefs, size does matter.
3) Beat him at an arm wrestle.
4) And then tell all of his friends that their mate was beaten by a girl.
5) Force him to talk about his feelings and shit.
6) Spend the money you were saving for his Birthday present on expensive shoes for yourself.
7) Cry every single time you get drunk with him.
8) Make him sit through countless episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
9) Comment on his 'love handles' every time he eats a biscuit.
10) Tell him that you're 'fine' as frequently as possible.
11) And reply 'k' to the extremely long and intricate message that he sends you.
12) Complain about how fat you feel like all of the time and reject everything he says in response.
13) Insult his friends on a regular basis.
14) Insult his mother on a regular basis.
15) Mute the sound every time he plays his music. Hold your ears for bonus points.
16) Tell everyone that he can't last more than four minutes in bed.
17) Regularly take pictures of him asleep and put them all over the internet.
18)  Insist that he participates in a lengthy discussion while he's watching his favourite TV programme.
19) Convince him that he's beginning to bald on top.
20) Slap the phone out of his hand every time he tries to text someone.
21) Give good and graphic descriptions of your period to him every month.
22) Give him a running commentary of everything he's doing wrong in bed during sex.
23) Tell him you're bringing him to a match when really, you're bringing him clothes shopping, for you.
24) Insist on PDAs in front of his friends. All the time.
25) Take all of his hoodies and cover them in perfume and glitter.
26) Scream the words 'man flu' at him every time he mentions feeling a little weird.
27) Be as indecisive as is humanly possible all of the time.
28) Pick him up and spin him around. I hear men love feeling weak and helpless.
29) Say you're ordering pizza but then surprise him with salad for dinner.
30) Give him a nose hair trimmer for 'the laugh'.
31) Leave all of your hairclips scattered sporadically around his bedroom as a lovely reminder of your everlasting bond.
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