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10 Deadly Places To Eat In Cork For Under A Tenner

10 Deadly Places To Eat In Cork For Under A Tenner

Whether you're a student living in the city or a tourist passing through, there are some great spots to grab some cheap food in Cork without settling for poor quality. Make sure you check out these eateries while down in the Rebel County.

KC & Sons & Sons

Douglas Village

"The best chipper I've ever had." Gavan Casey, Corkonian and writer at and

Fellini Restaurant


4 Careys Lane

"I must confess I went there four times. I had excellent chocolate brownies, and ciabatta sandwiches but really I went there to stare at the exquisite ceiling and delicious selection of antiques." Suzanne W, Yelp reviewer.

Quay Co-Op Restaurant

24 Sullivan's Quay


"The food is fresh, delicious and a great find for vegetarians. I love the ambience [sic] of the upper dining room that looks down on the river." Autumn W, Yelp reviewer.

Tara's Tea Room

45 McCurtain Street


"They have a great menu for breakfast and lunch. The place is very cute and the service is great." Ella M, Yelp reviewer.


4 French Church Street


"The menu here is short and sweet: hamburger or cheeseburger, double or not. Toppings are the old standards. I love places like this that take one thing and commit to perfecting it. And here, they have." Shana K, Yelp reviewer.


36 Douglas Street

"Really delicious pizza, full stop. This place reminds me of being in Italy. Amazing thin crust pizza that would stand out in New York or Boston, let alone Cork." Shana K, Yelp reviewer.



38 Popes Quay

"One of the best places to eat well in Cork. Hands down." Irene O, Yelp reviewer.

"As a fierce south Indian food lover, I can attest to the fact that their flavours and recipes are very authentic! Highly recommend to anyone, specially vegetarians that love Indian food!" Prerana M, Yelp reviewer.



7 Winthrop Street

"As a casual dining experience this was really enjoyable. Price is very reasonable. Food is delicious and filling." Sinead N, Yelp reviewer.

Hillbilly Chicken


62 Grand Parade

"Hillbilly's is good for one thing, and one thing only: a breast in a bun after a night on the beers." Dave H, Yelp reviewer. 

"They are open late and even if you are to drunk to order they will still get you chicken!!!!" Cliff and Judy R. from Des Moines, Yelp reviewers.

"Boob in a bun. Boob in a bun. Boob in a bun." Kate D, Yelp reviewer. 

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