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The Different Types Of Boyfriends You Can Have

The Jealous Boyfriend

The jealous boyfriend will absolutely lose his shit at even the thought of you talking to his best friend while making a cup of tea in one room while he's stuck in another. He will be sweatin' about this kind of situation, thinking to himself that a brief chat while making a nice cup of tea will lead to his girlfriend being corrupted and the start of the demise of their relationship. Extremely possessive when it comes to his girlfriend... friends should steer clear of bringing her up in conversation. He is constantly on edge on nights out and will position himself in such a way that he can keep an eye on his girl all night long. The jealous boyfriend isn't looking to control his girlfriend though, oh no, it's just he has very little faith in society, love or loved ones in general...

Noticeable Quirks - Constantly texting his girl, will have a tendency to perhaps take that Jager bomb that will put him over the edge.

The Insecure Boyfriend

Slight similarities to the jealous boyfriend but much more narcissistic. He's insecure because of his standing in society and could possibly have the hottest looking girl in the world on his arm but will still not be happy. Self-obsessed but with low self-confidence, this guy really has his own sh*t to sort out before he should drag a girl into his world. He will always second guess his girlfriend, but will generally forgive her should she happen to cheat on him. He will have a wall up for the outside world but on the inside he is crumbling.

Noticeable Quirks - worrying about response time between phone calls, voicemails, text messages etc..and a tendency toward indecisiveness


The "Just Wants to be in a Relationship" Boyfriend

Could also be called the accommodating boyfriend..but he has a tendency to always be in relationships. The "just wants to be in a relationship" boyfriend appears as an extension of his partner’s persona. He will probably look for a relationship with a girl who is firm and controlling and he has no problem being "under the thumb". He will be used to doing bits and pieces, be it DIY projects or running to the shops for his girlfriend and will rarely complain. Will probably be the one watching porn behind his girlfriends back and possibly the one to suffer a mid-life crisis.

Noticeable Quirks - Out doing the food shopping, picking up a dry cleaned dress, being described as a pushover.


The Dickhead


The Dickhead Boyfriend is obsessed with himself. One sided and self-obsessed, you will be arm candy only and anything he tells you to the contrary is bullsh*t. He feeds off the pain of others and will be an emotional bully, constantly making sly digs at your every move. His ego will be his main focus...not you or your relationship. He most likely has money or is hung like an elephant, or else you're blind...why else would you be with him?

Noticeable Quirks - If you can't spot them then shame on you.


The Nice Guy

The genuine guy, the one all women are looking for...he does exist. The same way the giver girlfriend exists, it's just that all these other types of boyfriends exist to cloud your judgement. He's just a genuine nice guy -- he will have your best interests at heart. He will be open and willing to talk to you. Don't take advantage of him though, because he's not likely to be in anyway insecure. Should you go all cray cray on him, he will let you know that isn't the way he operates. Appreciate him for what he is...a good catch!

Noticeable Quirks - Romantic meal with you, spending quality time with his friends, giving everyone important in his life as much time and dedication. All round nice chap!


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