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This Reddit Thread Supporting Domestic Abuse Survivor Is Genuinely Awesome

This Reddit Thread Supporting Domestic Abuse Survivor Is Genuinely Awesome

It's awful when any person goes through the pain of domestic violence, but if they can get support, it can make them feel really understood and heard. That's exactly what happened on a domestic abuse Reddit thread on /r/Ireland today when a woman shared an update on her relationship, after previously asking the forum for advice.

Two months ago, Katy_22 asked Reddit Ireland if it was normal for an Irish guy to have a temper. "When we fight he gets waayyy [sic] more mad than any guy I've ever been with before. He yells in my face, throws stuff, cusses, says the meanest things, etc. just overall really loses his temper even over minor fights. It's all way too much but 90% of the time we're not fighting and he's the nicest, funniest, best person to be around".

She said he claimed "that's just how we fight in Ireland", which commenters said was absolutely not the case.

"Firstly that is not normal. Secondly FUCK that guy for passing his behaviour off as some sort of national trait. Fuckin dickhead. Dump him", said AlrightyThen234, at the time.

In her latest post, Katy has some news: "Two months later I can honestly say I wish I had listened to you guys the first time", Katy_22 started. "I gave him another chance, he kept being terrible but I kept forgiving like an idiot. He ended up laying hands on me which was a big wake up call and I broke it off with him a few days ago and I'm officially done done done. Anyways thank you guys for good advice even tho [sic] it took me a while to take it".

It is devastating to hear Katy was betrayed by this man, but if there's something positive to come from this story, it's knowing there really are some kind and loving Irish people out there.

"You deserve to be treated right" - BakersDozen


"Sometimes when you're in the middle of something you can't see what appears obvious to everyone else. Glad to hear you got out of there" - Baldybogman

"You poor sweet lady! You didn't deserve him laying a finger on you. I hope they lose his luggage on his way home" - Missy7051

We hope Katy is doing well and staying far away from that jerk.


If you or someone you know needs support for domestic violence, you can contact Women's aid on freecall 1800 341 900

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