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How To Be Sound When You're Breaking Up With Someone

How To Be Sound When You're Breaking Up With Someone

The time has come. Your palms are sweaty and you know you have to make a decision that could change everything. It's not easy breaking up someone, at least for the majority of humans. Take some deep breaths and follow some of this advice to guide you through the ordeal. As hard as it is for you imagine how the other person who is being broke up with is feeling. Here's how to breakup with someone and be sound about it:

Think It Over

Think about your reasons for breaking up. Try a pros and cons list about your relationship. Confide in someone you trust if you need a second opinion.

Don't Do It For The Wrong Reasons

If you're breaking up with someone cause they didn't buy that gift you really wanted for Christmas then you might want to evaluate yourself as a person.

Do It In Person

When you're breaking up with someone that person needs to understand what is happening and why. They don't need a post-it, text or voicemail to tell them you don't want to see them again.


Be Careful What You Say

If you're breaking up with someone because you fancy someone else or because you feel you deserve to be happier then don't say that to the person's face. Try to avoid saying things like "I want you to stay in my life", false hope isn't sound.


Know what you're going to say but give the other person time to think and ask questions. If the conversation is going nowhere know when to leave and do so politely. On to the next point.

Be Sound

If you ever loved the person or cared about them in any way then don't be an ass when you finish the relationship. End it on a good note rather than causing a scene that leaves one of you on the floor and reaching for the vodka bottle. If they're calling and texting you it's best to ignore and let them move on instead of replying with "I love you" messages and giving the person false hope. One day, maybe, you could be friends but right now the person needs time to heal and get over you.



If you're lucky they might be having similar feelings and you can both walk away knowing it's for the best. On the other hand, if the person you're dating is a nightmare then run away singing and dancing.


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