If you're a human being and have any sense of taste whatsoever, you'll be happy to know that there's going to be a dedicated festival for burgers next month in Ireland.

The inaugural Cork Burger Festival is part of Festival Cork, and runs from January 30 til February 4th across the county. Drooool.

Punters can expect the very very best in burgers from heaps of participating local bars and pubs, including:

  • Son of a Bun
  • Sober Lane
  • Electric
  • Holy Smoke
  • Soho
  • Woolshed Baa and Grill
  • The Meatball Place
  • The Silly Goose
  • 9 Market Street
  • Cafe Velo
  • The Market Tavern
  • Springfort Hall
  • Clayton Hotel
  • Commons Inn

You can find all the deets here.

Prepare your stomachs!

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