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How To Make A Tinder Bio That'll Have People Sweatin'

How To Make A Tinder Bio That'll Have People Sweatin'

There's a fine art to the perfect Tinder bio but let's be honest: you wouldn't have clicked on this article if you had one. If you're sick of getting zero matches and feeling like a left-swipe loser, then you've come to the right place: we're gonna show you how to make a Tinder bio that'll have people sweatin' to be witcha.

First things first: you're gonna need a...


Here are some ideas:

  • Cars - all women love cars! It's a fact. Put one as your display photo and see the matches roll in

  • Group photos - who could swipe past a big photo of you and your gals/guys? No one worth your time

  • Gym selfies - treadmill, at the weights station, on a bench, but always in front of a mirror. You'll look fit and fun!

  • Duck face - male or female, you'll look like you have kissable lips and nothing else. It's one of the most attractive poses you can make
  • Covering your face - cover your face with your hand, a piece of paper, anything. Even consider cutting half of it off! Who needs to see exactly what you look like? Mystery is sexy.

  • Have the opposite sex in the photo with you - it'll make you look desirable af

  • Be really weird - it won't turn anyone off. It'll make people intrigued!
  • Use your dog to chat people up - it is a super cute way to get the conversation started!

Make it clear you have money - it's not showing off, it's being real. There's a difference.




Now for the most important part:

The actual bio

  • Tell everyone exactly what you want even if it's shallow!
  • Say you're in a relationship - you won't get hate, ever. And no one will think you're a piece of shit like this guy

  • Say you're not a douche - reverse psychology even if it is true

  • Talk about your ex - more mentions = more sympathy = more matches

  • Have a God complex - make people bow down to you because you deserve it!


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