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Quit Freaking Out: Reasons She Hasn't Texted Back...

So the girl you went out with last night hasn’t responded to your text letting them know you had a great time. It's the next day and you've got nothing to show for your gentlemanly behaviour, what gives? Maybe the girl you've been texting for a while hasn't responded to your daily greeting and it's been nearly an hour, usually she answers straight away. What's going on?! Here are some possible reasons why she isn’t texting you back , so you can calm down and stop annoying everybody with your freak out attacks.

1) You’re Impatient, She's Busy

Nowadays, we like things straight away, we're all about the immediate entertainment. We don't want to wait a week for the next episode of a show, we want it straight away. In fact, we stream and binge an entire series of our favourite shows within a matter of days - or hours if we are really dedicated. A million things would be distracting her from answering your messages. Take a breath, put the phone down, and wait. Patience is a virtue my friend. Learn it. If you see that someone has read your message and hasn’t responded yet, do NOT send them a question mark, a ‘Hello??’ text, or a sad face emoji to express your dismay at their response time. They got the first message, hence you see that tick. They might be collecting their thoughts, or dropping a deuce in the bathroom. Patience.

2) She Probably Didn't Die

There's no need to be dramatic, she probably didn't fall down a well or get hit by a car. It might surprise you to know that you're not the centre of her universe. Calm down and don't even think of sending a text asking if they're alive, be cool soda pop.

3) She Really Did Die

Dark, I know, but there's always the possibility that she was in an accident. If that's the case, you won't feel guilty that you were so concerned that she wasn't texting you back when she was actually knocked unconscious and is currently fighting for her life. Don't be so self-involved.


4) She has a life

Imagine that! She could be at work, or a lecture, or out with her friends, maybe she's with her family.  Maybe when she's not so busy she'll get back to you. Maybe you should go live your life in the meantime and stop staring at your phone and fuming about her not getting back to you. You can't expect her to be available to you all the time. 

5) Her Phone Died

Who carries a charger around with them all the time? These smartphones eat into their battery lives. SO, maybe she's out and her battery died and she hasn't been able to get to a charger yet. Give her some time. Make yourself a cup of tea and calm the fuck down.

6) She Doesn't Have Her Phone

It's not like she has it glued to her arm. She could have lost it after meeting you last night. Maybe someone stole it? Maybe her mother's phone died and she loaned her phone to her. She can hardly text you back when she doesn't even have a phone, can she?


7) She's Playing Hard To Get

She's doing the thing where people wait a few days to text back after a date - which is both rude and out of sync with today's culture of wanting everything straight away. She might not want to seem too eager and is playing it cool by waiting to answer you back. This is just a possibility, she might not even like you or she might be ignoring you...

8) You Said Something That Was Creepy/Sexist/Against Her Beliefs/Unfunny

You have to be careful what you say sometimes, people can be very sensitive to comments. Maybe your sarcasm came across as a thinly veiled insult. Maybe you mentioned how you hate animals and made ironically sexist jokes that sounded un-ironic. She could be devoutly religious and you dissed the Lord, or she could be a huge gaming nerd and you mentioned how you hate girls that play video games. Whatever it was, she's not going to forget it. But you might as well, and move on.

9) You're Not As Charming As You Think You Are

This might be hard to swallow, but maybe you came on too strong, or were too suggestive. Women like a little mystery, just a little, but they don't want you to tell them explicitly what you'd like to do with them. Leave the schmoozing to James Bond, you're nowhere near as smooth as him.


10) You Were So Boring

Maybe you were so nervous that you spent the entire conversation explaining the ins and outs of your accounting degree. She might have fallen asleep, I feel like drifting off and I'm just thinking about it.

11) You Messaged The Wrong Girl

Dude, you absolute dickhead. Spending all day freaking out about one girl who won't text you back, turns out you texted the wrong girl. And you only realised because she texted you. Idiot, have fun explaining that to the girl you texted. I bet you feel like a right champion right now.

12) She Just Isn’t Interested

IT might be hard to admit, but maybe you just didn't click with her. Maybe she was perfect for you, but you just did nothing for her. Plain and simple. Take the hint, stop wasting your time, and find someone who is. There are loads of other girls out there, don't waste an entire college year obsessed with someone who wasn't even bothered to message you back.

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