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Signs That Your Ex Has Moved On

Sometimes a break up can seem like a rash decision and when you think about it was probably a mistake. Even though you might feel this way, your ex could feel completely different and has actually started to move on. At first you might have kept getting back together, but it seems like this time it's really over. Here are the signs that your ex has moved on.

11) You're always the one that contacts them

If you ring them , sure they might talk to you and humor you, but you seem to be one that always rings them. If they were still interested in you they would initiate things and take the time to get onto you.


10) They treat you like a friend

When they're around you, they act as if you are one of their friends. They don't single you out from the group or pay special attention to you. There clearly comfortable with just being friends, and are trying to help you be comfortable with that.



9) They don't make any physical contact

If you are still attracted to someone you won't shy away from physical contact, if they have moved on then they don't initiate it. Their body language can say a lot as well and if they don't stand close to you, then they don't see you the same way anymore.


8) They always seem to be preoccupied with something

If they were still into you, they would make time for you, but if they are always busy with something then they have moved on to other things. They don't shy away from telling you what their up to and how happy they are.



7) They don't show any signs of regret

Break ups are never easy and sometimes after the dust has settled you can see things more clearly. If they don't seem to be affected by it or don't express any regret, it's likely that they have turned the corner.


6) You don't see them as often as you used to

If you have mutual friends that you hang out with, then you might not see them as much. You might seem them out every now and again, but most of the time they are with other people



5) If they're not uncomfortable being around you

Anytime you do see them, they seem to be comfortable in your presence. This is a very clear sign if they still had feelings for you they would be a little nervous and apprehensive after what happened between you.


4) They don't get emotional around you

If they don't seem to be emotionally attached or express their feelings with you, then they have taken the next step. If they still had feelings for you, they might open up or talk about how they are feeling. If they're emotionally distant it's definitely a sign that they have moved on.



3) They post loads of photos of themselves on Facebook

If they post loads of photos of themselves with other people, they are trying to show you that they have moved on. They don't need you anymore and they are enjoying life as it is. As bitter a pill as it is to swallow, this is a sure sign that they are leaving you behind.


2) If they talk about other guys or girls they've met

If they still felt something for you, then they wouldn't bring up others people they like, when they're talking to you. If they are comfortable with telling you about someone they meet, then they clearly only see you as a friend.


1) They are seeing someone else

People break up and get back togetherso they could be with someone for a while and realise they want you back. If they have been seeing some for quite a while, then there is clearly no going back. They have found someone else and you're no longer in the picture anymore. You need to get over it.

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